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Posted By: Bonnie Billy Wyatt & WyattWorks Downunder - 05/19/09 08:40 AM
Billy Wyatt from Arizona loves Australia and is here make wonderful country music...
Billy has joined up with Warren Keats, Les Gough, Ron Mahony and Dave Moore to create one of the best bands I have heard in a long time.
With a new CD called Billy Wyatt & WyattWorks Downunder, an all Australia produced CD which includes songs by Billy Wyatt himself, Warren Keats and a beautiful song by the
late Laurie Allen. This CD is a must for any Country Music library.

CD's can be purchased on line at
Can be bought as individually chosen tracks or whole album....

Billy Wyatt and WyattWorks is also available for bookings now.....

Watch out for this band they are the best.
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