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Hi Folks,

Per member request, I just added this new board to contain all our various ongoing creative challenges on the boards. Right now, as we get this program started, I have listed several moderators who are folks who have hosted some type of challenge in the past. If I missed anyone, please let me know, it wasn't intentional.

The idea here will be to post a creative challenge (via one of the moderators) that has specific instructions, time limits and if there will be a winner chosen, then rules as to how it works and how the decision will be made on who won. Any type of creative challenge is okay, as long as we have clear rules and guidelines and the moderator who posts the challenge takes responsibility to see it through.

Some types of creative challenges could by Lyric, Songs, Creative Writing of all types, Photography, Art.. you get the idea. We don't want to overdo it all so I'll ask the moderators to post no more than 1 challenge per week. It's not a requirement for any of them to post anything, but for right now I'd like the challenges to go through one of them so if you have an idea and want to start a challenge, please choose a moderator of your choice to handle posting it. Only moderators can start posts, but anyone can reply. Have fun!

Thanks, Brian! This will be fun!
Good morning Brian!

Thank you so much for setting this up for us. It's going to be a lot of fun, and I believe a valuable exercise for our various muses...

Take Care,
Me with those guys. Thanks, Brian, for setting this up.

Thank you Brian

This is awesome...

It always amazes me what fine work these challenges inspire... I've posted some challenges (most of them) with the intention of coming up with silly songs.. and in the process seen some of the most brilliant song writing ever... Thank you also for specifying how we are to post challenges with rules... and possible winners. It helps to have guidelines smile
Thanks Brian for pulling this all together. I'm sure it was a "challenge" just finding all the challenges and gathering them together for their new home. I love a good challenge so I will particularly like this board. It will help us from becoming apathetic and encourage us to be more athletic by flexing our melodic muscles and keeping us lyrically limber and calistenically creative! Thanks again!! smile
Peeking in, this looks like my floor, hope the elevator stops.

dub (new guy)
Hi Folks,

I am wondering if folks enjoy using this board and want it to remain? We're looking at adding some new boards and when we do that, we usually move the "New Ones" into a permanent new spot or remove them if they aren't being used.

So let me know by responding here.

I have "a challenge," but I'm not a moderator.

What do I do? I want to see if anyone can play my song.
I enjoy this board Brian, it's exercise of a different nature. smile
Over 600 posts in about a month? Seems like a keeper to me.
HIDee Bro Brian!

Haven't seen a NEW Challenge here in over a Month...

So...I'd sug. perhaps maybe We Readers here could SUGGEST a Topic/Challenge in THIS Spot..& the "Officials" could maybe Vote on 'em, Monthly, for one to get Used from us "Outsiders"?

I'd get a kick outta seeing who can come up with..for instance..a decent song about the Automakers' Bailout. (Just for Fun. I realize it's got Zero Shelf Life..but what the heck..the More Ya Write (&..See How OTHERS Write)..the Better At It Ya Get.) JMO, anyways.

Maybe yet another on String Balls. (No reason "WHY"...but crazy Stupid Esoteric Ones sometimes DO Sell.) Perhaps one on SQUIDS...since they RHYME with lotsa stuff...& noone's yet penned a Hit on the Critters.

&..I'm sure there are Other, perhaps Even-Better Sugs out there, just Waiting to Be Considered.

Let's get our heads together & keep this Forum a Blast, eh?

Best Wishes,
Big Hugs,
Stan, maybe it ought to be a song about bailing out the squids. Nobody's suggested doing tghat yet, but considering the economy, they probably need help, too.

Hey, not Too-Shabby an Idea, Bro Joe!

I'll see what flows out over the next day or two!

Best Wishes/Big Guy-Hug,
I love a good challenge.
They are fun, and alot of practice for
a wanna-be writer like me.

Hi Folks,

I changed the settings so that now anyone can create a challenge rather than just the moderators, many of which had stopped posting anyway. I cleaned up some of the names that weren't active but if someone needs to be added back as a moderator for any reason, let me know. If this turns out to be a bad idea, let me know that as well!


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