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Hi, Everyone!

The goal of our "Song Challenges" is to write songs/lyrics on demand within set parameters. We don't critique each other's songs in this thread (but you can say you like someone's song if you want to.) Please post your original works. If you have already written a song/lyric that fits within the parameters, please feel free to post it.

Here is the hook: "I dyed and went to heaven." The hook needs to be presented either in the chorus or a repeating line of verses. No, it is not spelled incorrectly. I picture the lyrics of this challenge on the humorous side. LOL, if you can turn this into something somber, that's OK too.

Good Luck and have fun.

Fresh off the drawing board Jeany so I may tweak on it a little. It's a mite short

Dyed And Went To Heaven

Dyed and went to Heaven
They wouldn't take me down in Hell
Said we're full up on rednecks here below
They're always chasin wimmin
And other kinds of sinnin
So we reached our quota long ago

I'm not sure what you'll be doin'
But I'd give St Pete a try
I guess maybe you could promise to reform
If you can make your eyes get teary
And your face all kinds of dreary
Well I hear his heart is very easy torn

You might find it pretty lonesome
Cause the women there are pretty pure
So you may not really like it there at all
You may find it pretty Hellish
With none of the things you relish
So if I have an opening I'll call
LOL, thanks for posting, Wy!
Mornin' Jean...shouldn't it be "died"?
No, because the verb is dye, not die. grin That's why it is supposed to be a humorous song.
OK, like what if someone dyed their hair and it caused some sort of change in their lives. That's kinda what I was going for.
Oh...I get it. My mistake. I read your challenge on the quick this am before heading to work and didn't finish reading the 2nd paragraph. That's why they say "read the fine print".
Jean this one spilled out like perioxide! Hey this might make for a cute video and bump up hair dye sales smile

"I Dyed And Went To Heaven"
(c) 2012 Lynn Orloff
(female vocal w/progressive chorus) needs melody wink
(for the men L'Oreal is pronounced lor e el)

I had it with the same routine
I needed something more
I looked into the mirror
And my image was a bore

I thought Iíd take a gamble
I bought some LíOreal
I went from brown to luscious blonde
It turned out very well

I dyed and went to heaven, Iím feeling like a star
I got my manís attention from color in a jar
Now Iíll admit I had his heart before I made the change
But now that Iíve got golden locks, Iíve got him on a chain

Heís giving up his Friday nites
And hanging with the guys
He wants to take me out instead
I canít imagine why

He doesnít even tinker with
His truck in the garage
He tells me he canít look away
I might be a mirage

I dyed and went to heaven, itís like Iím someone new
My guy canít take his eyes away, Iím quote his ďdream come trueĒ
Whoíd guess a little coloring could turn things upside down
Itís true that blondes have tons more fun, Iíve said goodbye to brown

I think Iím gonna buy some more, itís cheaper by the case
I want to have enough in stock in case the color fades

Oh I dyed and went to heaven, I lightened up my hair
My honey calls me golden girl and he canít help but stare
I wouldíve done this sooner, if only I had known
Iíve got my baby hypnotized from just a squirt of foam
I dyed and went to heaven cause he won't let me alone
Hi Jean - this was really fun! I'm new here - so much inspiration. Thank you!

Un-Dying Love
(c) Denise Noblet 2012

Oh Mama, there's a new boy in school
I think he's the love of my life
If only I could get his attention
I know one day he'll make me his wife.

I heard him say he loves blondes
But mama, I'm a brunette
One trip to the salon, I know I can be
A blonde he'll never forget!

Honey, I won't let you do it.
Don't change yourself for a guy
A man should love you for who you are
And you're much too young to dye.

But Mama, you did it to win Daddy
And step-daddies one and two
You went blonde and black and copper red
And got new bosoms, too.

But, honey, look where it got me
Three divorces by age forty-seven.
Don't be fooled - it's just not true
That you dye and go to heaven.

If you lose yourself to please a man
Take it from me: he'll give you the boot
For a man to love you - really love you -
You gotta go back to your roots.
Hi Lynn, I really enjoyed your song.
Hey thanks Denise and a big welcome to JPF! Loved your lyric also especially the "gotta get back to your roots" line, very clever!!!!! Hope you stick around.

Again welcome,
Lynn smile
Sorry.. Couldn't resist taking a poke at this one...

Easter again
Another year gone
Spring in the air
The birds sing their song
I was coloring eggs
but longing for
someone to love

The reds and the blues
The yellows and greens
soak in their shells
But it didn't mean
The same thing to me
As it used to be

Til you came through that door

Colorful splashes all over my world
Beautiful, lovely and bold
My basket was filled
with all of your love it could hold
Before I met you
I was coloring eggs
But your colors were brighter than them
The day that we met
was like I had dyed
and went to Heaven


There you go! Thanks for posting.
Thanks for posting, Heartsong! Another approach! This is getting fun.
LOL, Gill! Very seasonal and you worked in the hook too. Thanks for posting.
Well, I treated it like this redneck-good ol boy had misspelled it.
Oh well
LOL, Wy! I liked the song anyway!
Whew!! I thought I'd be disqualified, you bein a teacher type and all smile
Something that specific seems to force the action down certain roads, still I am surprised where my subconscious took this...hope you enjoy...

(I Tie) Dyed And Went To Heaven

fold and tie your tee-shirt
get the soda ash all ready
now mix those dyes, class, shade your eyes
work slowly don't get sweaty

now squirt the dyes where needed
then tuck your shirt away
inside a plastic bag or two
then leave it for a day

break time, pass my Gatorade
how dry I am how dry
I'll chug it all down in one gulp
gulp gulp gulp gulp...oh my...

(choking)... ...not...Gatorade... ... ...(whimpered last words)...whoops...


dyed and went to heaven...tie
dyed and went to heaven
technically, I drank some lye...
story at eleven...
God knows I lived, at least I tried
to live until, 'til I...tie
dyed and went
dyed and went
dyed and went to heaven

it's not so bad up here, but then
I've just been here an hour
Jackie Gleason's bartending
I'll have a whiskey sour

He cries and says just wine up here
while folding fancy napkins
he's got a hippie tee-shirt on
reminding me sh*t happens

(modulate, vs)
I laugh and say ain't it the truth
but that quote's so passe'
I'll make a shirt that's just for you
to chase your blues away

I tie
dyed and went to heaven...tie
dyed and went to heaven
technically, I drank some lye...
story at eleven...
God knows I lived, at least I tried
to live until, 'til I...tie
dyed and went
dyed and went
dyed and went to heaven

God loves a poor soul

I tie
dyed and went to heaven...tie
dyed and went to heaven
technically, I drank some lye...
story at eleven...
God knows I lived, at least I tried
to live until, 'til I...tie
dyed and went
dyed and went
dyed and went to heaven

I'm thinking twice about the short bridge.

Is it clear that "God is a poor soul" is the tee-shirt that the singer made for Jackie Gleason?

I am now thinking maybe "God loves a poor soul" may be better? Doesn't that parallel some proverb...or beatitude, about being "poor in spirit" and being able to enter heaven, for being poor, as in humble, that way?

changed it...perfect tie dye for Gleason!

Just to say I'm enjoying your lyric. It's kind of the opposite of Lynn's, but equally fun, and "gotta go back to your roots" made me smile wide and long. smile
Hi Lynn,
Fun, fun, fun!
I love the product placement, and heaven used as a metaphor. I usually hear Loretta Lynn, when I read you, but this one got all Jeannie C. Riley on me. smile
LOL,Michael, I am surprised where your subconscious took it too. Enjoyed it.
Hi Michael

Thank you! I really enjoyed your lyrics too - love the funny twist on the theme! I could clearly see your character tie dying his way to heaven. smile


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