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Dear JPF LA Area Members,

Thanks to all who came out to our February JPF LA meeting on the 4th at Theta Sound Studio in Burbank, California. And a very special thanks to Charlie Webb who drove down from Santa Barbara to demonstrate all the cool features of the MasterWriter songwriter software package for our group. Little did we know that Charlie is the son of acclaimed songwriter, Jimmy Webb, and he had some very special anecdotes to tell us about himself, his dad and music. Congrats to Keith Jarvis, winner of the drawing for a one-year license to MasterWriter ($99 value). And congrats to all who took advantage of the special JPF pricing for the program. For those of you who didn't make the meeting, you can still try this program for ten days, free, and then subscribe for $10 a month, $99 a year, or buy the program outright. Whatever you choose, after Charlie's presentation last night, I recommend you give it a try.

Before Charlie dove into MasterWriter, I opened the meeting by discussing the theme for February, Love Songs, and introduced Amy to open the evening with a song she and I wrote together, "Floating." Amy talked about how the song was written for her father, but the lyrics could also reflect the love between mother and child, boy and girl, siblings, etc. And before coming to the meeting, she had used the song to soothe a crying baby to sleep...

After the MasterWriter demo, we opened the stage for those who indicated on the sign-in sheet that they would like to perform. Even Charlie got up to play a song he'd written! The night wrapped up with a generous spread of food and refreshments and networking amongst the guests.

Photos of this meeting can be found here:
Just Plain Folks - LA Chapter - February Meeting with Charlie Webb and MasterWriter (2/4/2011)

Randall Michael Tobin
JPF LA Chapter Coordinator
Hi Randall-
Is the March meeting set yet? Would love to attend. Thanks.

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