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I am simply completely hooked on this amazingly well written and acted series ....its on the AMC lineup late at night-so you have to have cable tv.....this Sunday will start the new season at 10/9 Central...AMC is of course a movie channel but in my opinion this show is better than most of the movies run......its really top flight original programming............check it out if you can and let me know if you agree its one of the best things to be offered.....the New York Times reviewed it as Excellant....the basic plot line revolves around a high school chemistry teacher who gets into making Meth to keep him and his family financially afloat during a long ongoing battle with cancer........he is just going to cook up one big batch and make a big score and get out.........of course he doesnt get out after the one big score and dives into the dark underworld of the Arizona meth underworld.....made more interesting by the fact that his brother in law is a federal DEA agent.......yes I know sounds like standard soap fare but I just love the acting and writing in this show...........catch it if you can by all means.......

I'll look for it un Netflix Tom, I heard of it but haven't seen it.

Besides old movies (the only great kind it seems) I've been watching some pretty crazy shows, all on instant netflix they have loads of TV series from every channel. Many in HD as well. Very Cool. They just added all the entire original Start Trek series in HD and all the Twilight Zones. I already own the Treks lol

I think you'll like the series Mike

by the way I see where Netflix just raised their prices 50%.......but I reckon its still worth it overall-if not they can expect alot of cancellations and lower volume.....

I stopped watching when the protagonist- the chemist- let the girl die. It killed any sympathy I had for him. I was fascinated for a lot of reasons, one being that I grew up in Albuquerque (where it is set) so I recognize the landscape and the cultural influences.
you have missed alot since then Samuel

theres been so many interesting developments........I just love the show.....such great acting and writing......its a pretty bleak world they portray-but they dont sugarcoat it....


I will say that when I saw the first few episodes, I could hardly believe how good it was. I already was impressed with the amazing writing of Malcom in the Middle and knew that it was probably going to be good when Bryan Cranston was cast in the lead.

Talk about moral complexity, this show is just plan "smart". The writing, casting, acting and art direction is better than most movies. The problem I had with that episode where Cranston had to decide to keep his drug business going or let his partner's girlfriend choke to death, was a point where the protagonist deserved to die so I decided not to invest anymore time watching a protagonist I didn't respect. As the Stephenwolf song says, "God Damn the Pusher Man". He crossed the line and I bailed.

At some point a great series will "jump the shark" and everything after than will be downhill. It happened to the Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and it will happen to Breaking Bad because the popularity is rising after the most creative stage and the "suits" will try to keep in going. It didn't happen to MASH or Seinfield because the crew knew when to pull the plug.
well Samuel I still think its the best thing on tv and its been a real long time since I got hooked on any tv show or series..........they still amaze me with the quality of writing and acting..........nobody seems to be just phoning it in so to wont last forever-but in my opinion this is still the best thing on tv these days........

I heard of it but haven't seen it.
Tom, I only heard about the series for the first time a couple of months ago. However, I quickly became addicted to it, and am waiting now for the new season.

A fascinating, complex study of moral decline. Absolutely rivetting.

A couple of other equally brilliant (and older) series are "The Wire" and "House M.D.".


Hi Donna

its a truly addicting show alright...possibly the most well written and well acted show I have ever seen.....and yes like you I cant wait for the next and final should get the DVD's for the seasons you are very intelligent and appreciate just how good this show is compared to the usual drivel on American would enjoy another AMC Channel show called "Mad Men".....also extremely well acted and written....nice to know that American media is so popular even in Windmill you get ABC TV? they have that new nightime soap opera-NASHVILLE.....definitely not Masterpiece Theater-but good mindless soap opera with a country music theme...

I've heard of 'Mad Men', Tom. I'll need to check them out.

There sure have been some excellent series over the past few years, including from the UK. Did you ever see 'Spooks'?

Another brilliant one (US, I think) is 'The Killing'. Short, though. Only two seasons, I think.

I think you will enjoy Mad Men.....besides being well written and acted the male lead is quite a good looking of the new sex symbols in TV......

course they have something for the men as well-some real beauties........

I really think you will like that show...

thanks for the recommendations you gave................I will check em out

Loved this series and now i am watching Better call Saul
I started watching Better Call Saul, but for some reason we lost interest in it a bit.. we need to get back to it but it didn't hold us like Breaking Bad did.
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