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a film about John Lennon's will be released this December as I understand it.........there are teaser clips already out and it looks really great.....myself and other great fans of that great man will definitely enjoy immersing himself in his life before the Beatles,though like other fans I have read every book there is about any aspect of John Lennon.......looks like a great film for us Lennonheads........

I'm really wanting to see it, hoping I will like it, fully expecting I will hate it.

has gotten fairly good reviews from the select group of film critics who have gotten advance screenings......I feel if I end up really hating it-it will be moreso that I always hate the thought of how he was gunned down by that lost loser....

There was a similar movie, made for TV in the late 90's called "In My Life". It started at his teenage years, meeting Paul etc. The movie ended before the Ed Sullivan appearance.

I thought it was okay, but it got bad reviews. The guy who played Epstein actually looked like Epstein, so did the young Paul actor.

I liked the scene with his mother Julia teaching him how to play the guitar using a tenor banjo. He had to tune the guitar to the banjo and play banjo chords on the guitar. According to the movie, Paul taught him how to properly tune the guitar and play guitar chords.
I've seen it a few weeks back, I thought it was a great movie. The guy they cast as Lennon, Aaron Johnson, he did a amazing job. I was quite suprised by his power as an actor. It has some really powerful moments. If I'd have to grade it, I'd give it an 8/10
thanks for the review Sharp

looking forward to it even more now

Happy Thanksgiving

The guy who played Epstein actually looked like Epstein.
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