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Hi Folks,

This is the place to discuss acting and film work. If you write, please share info on playwrighting and screenwriting. (Something I have experience with and a continuing interest in as well). If you make videos, let us see some examples. Or if you have expertise in these things, please help educate us!


Hi Folks,

I am wondering if folks enjoy using this board and want it to remain? We're looking at adding some new boards and when we do that, we usually move the "New Ones" into a permanent new spot or remove them if they aren't being used.

So let me know by responding here.

Hi Brian and all

Newbie here. I was hoping there would be more activity on this subject. Writing a successful stage musical is one of my dreams. I have the songs and somewhat of a story linking them together. But, I don't know how to make the contacts to find anyone interested in working a new musical. I wrote the story as screenplay because I don't know how to write stage directions for live theater. Hollywood hasn't been interested in musicals that are original, want mostly successful Broadway Shows. Maybe things have changed since I wrote. We now have the internet, but it is new for me. I am glad I found this site. I have always been a loner. It works for me in that my songs are original not like anybody else. But it works against me in that I have not acquired a support network as I traveled for 20 years.
I am now in China. I cannot access Sonicclicks that most people here seem to use. So, I cannot compare my songs to what are currently being written. Sorry about being long winded in saying hello!
Chris Gladstone
Hi Chris, and welcome to JPF!

You may also want to introduce yourself on the "General Messages" board which probably has a lot more readers.
Hi Brian

It would be fascinating to learn about film work, writing a script, playwriting, screening, hah, grin that would be so cool. whistle

So come on down all you professionals, wink and teach this Aussie girl how it is all
done hah. grin

Michele cool
Hi Kevin
Thanks for the suggestion. I have now posted a hello on the General Forum.

Chris & Michele,

For screenwriting, the best Forum, would be:

For the best, FREE, Formatting Program...You'll want Celtx

As for playwriting, there's really not much in the way of Forums. And for musicals? Whew...Don't give up the day job...The best advice I could give, would be to get involved with a local theatre, no matter how small, but be cautioned, because just like working musicians, they only come out at night.

Feel free to pm me, I'll be glad to swap as many e--mails as you have time for. There are many JPF Members who have worked on plays and screenplays, but sadly, there's not much discussion of actual Projects.


Hi Midnight

Maybe we can start writing our own script, and everyone join in here, that would be cool.

We could call the film title? What do you think Kaley? Seeing our song is called Broken Trust, we could even use the song in the film hah. Based on a true story!


It could be about a little girl who was a victim of child abuse, and grew up going through all these painful experiences, cry challenges in her life, crazy but she survived through it all, and became a famous songwriter hah. grin

Hmmm, just a thought. I wouldn't know the first thing about writing a script, but I would love to learn through working with some experts at it, so where are all those talented Movie script writers? Do we have any here on JPF that could start us all off, and everyone join in? Or I could start the story off and they can jump in and help out, as to how a film script is written.

This Aussie girl isn't very well educated, eek and the best way I learn is by doing it. whistle

Aussie girl


Michele Aussie Gal smile ...The story of abuse and the overcoming would be a powerful subject to write about!!.... I wouldn't have the first idea where to start on something like Seems like Midnight Bob is giving a super link to start with and is open to pm's!!

I'll go in and take a peek!!!....I've always admired folks who could write novels...and plays...I am not sure...I honestly have it in me.....

P.S...I'm glad you are excited about our!!!
makes me happy....

very best...
Kaley smile
Hi Kaley

I thought it was lovely for Midnight Bob to offer his assistance. Thanks Midnight Bob. grin I checked it out, so I might see if my hubby will download it for me, it would be interesting to see how it all evolves hah. whistle

Writing a script for a Movie would definitely be challenging hah, golly gosh, I have enough trouble working on my
songs. crazy

Yes I'm very excited about our song. Yipee! grin

Aussie hugs

just saw this thread, I'm a bit slow normally smile Screen writing is something I had a quick look at and play writing, and novels is a good thing.

As for musical, well, thats one of my ask me about them and I will bore you. But I do agree with midnite, it is a tough cookie. If anyone does want to chat about musicals (everyone gets into them at some stage...look at Ms Parton!!) just PM away. Or about anything else.


Very nice to see a JPF forum that deals with the theatre arts. I've been actively involved as a playwright, actor, musician for close to 30 years.
Hopefully you'll be active on this board then Duncan. We'd really like to have more activity and attract more musicians, actors and directors involved with Theater.

Our long term interests are bringing all the arts together to create all new stuff using the strengths of all in new and interesting ways.


UNbelievably hard to get a Musical Anywhere!
I wrote the music for this one about a Mutt who gets into a Dog Show and wins Best in Show.
I'm always looking for a Playwrite and lyrics to write music for BUT it is really a losing proposition.
Barry David Butler
barrydbutler channel on youtube
Contact me at
Barry, at some point, contact Sub's and my current producer (Mike Appel), for his musical he has plans to taking it to AC, Vegas, and Broadway. His contact info is on his "Kickstarter" Fundraising site: (Tell him I sent you).

Mike Appel sure has the experience to lead you on a good path, if that path is able to be taken. MUCH to know and DO!

Good luck Barry!
John Daubert (Johnny)

This is the Opening Song for "DOG SHOW THE MUSICAL"
Contact at
I have a musical...yeah, so what, right? I produced a first reading of mine, and realized it needed some work. Well, now thw work's done, and I've been looking for somewhere to place it.
I have all the songs recorded as well. If anyone would like a copy of the script, (Seriously...I'll GIVE you a copy) email me here:

It currently requires 10-14 actors to produce. I know that is too many, and have already started another rewrite. This really seems like an endless process...
Has anyone seen any of the Oscar nominees this year? They can't be worse than the past few years!
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