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Posted By: niteshift Produced a Clip for Fiji Broadcasting - 05/24/20 09:49 PM
Hey Guys,

Got asked to produce a feel good story for Fiji Broadcasting for friends who are currently "trapped" in Fiji. It sort of happened by accident , but I think it worked out Ok.

The clip starts at 14.18s.

cheers, niteshift
Hi Geoff:

Being "stranded" anywhere is enough to create a bit of anxiety for this old geezer. I've seen many parts of the world... some beautiful or exotic and some... not so much. No matter which type of destination... I am always glad to get back to my own little domain. Thanks for sharing. I hope the little young couple were able to "escape paradise"... if that is what they wanted.

Posted By: niteshift Re: Produced a Clip for Fiji Broadcasting - 05/30/20 09:55 AM

Hey Dave, Nope ! They are not "trapped' and are going to have their marriage here in Fiji, and I hope to give a follow up.


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