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Posted By: MidniteBob Screenwriting #4--Some useful things - 12/31/12 10:14 PM
1. Please don't buy any "How to write a screenplay" books. I'll toss in a few links at the end of this to give more than enough to get started.

2. Software...The 2 big pay-for programs are Final Draft(FD) and Movie Magic(MM). I've had them both, and have dropped them both. If you ever sell a script, then someone will be paid to convert it into either FD or MM for Production purposes, but when you submit something, they all simply want a PDF.

And for that, CELTX is about the best thing going...And it's free:

3. Forums...I've been to dozens of them. IMHO, Done Deal Pro is far and away the best:

4. A good screenwriting site in general, with WAY TOO MUCH information to take in, is Two Adverbs:

5. For some fun "Insider information", it's hard to go wrong with John August. He also has a "scriptnotes" podcast, but the link seems to be down today. Highly entertaining and informative:

Feel free to toss in other resources....Or to totally dissagree.


Posted By: Alek Re: Screenwriting #4--Some useful things - 01/01/13 12:11 AM
thanks for posting this: I collect everything related with a screenwriting both creative and business sides, and am a member of several groups at devoted to this subject...
Celtx is on my hard drive since summer...
hope to unblock the writer's block in 2013

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