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Posted By: Alek Script - 09/10/12 09:08 PM
To write, or not to write
That is the question

I changed well known phrase...and really, that was a question for me...
And now this is not question, but process, that I'm involved in...

So, what happened, that never before wrote even couple of words, once decided to write a script?

Well, shorter: several years ago one man told me a story where
he took a part, and that was an auction with two gangs competing
there to buy some piece of a state land, and it wasn't scary as
most criminals, but at the contrary, it was so funny, that I laughed of it as never before...
And after years had passed I've got a proposal from a group
of private investors to submit a project related with entertainment...I recollected that funny story and asked poster
if they accept screenplays...and they confirmed it, so,
now I had a meeting with a previous story teller to refresh
those events...and begun to write, and studying screenwriting
and everything related with it, both creative and business sides...
Now I have a script's title FUNKY AUCTION
and a logline with variants, so, if some are interested I could place here some scene (each no more than a page) for judgment of my writing, ok?
Posted By: niteshift Re: Script - 09/13/12 04:27 PM
OK ! smile

cheers, niteshift
Posted By: Alek Re: Script - 09/18/12 08:20 PM
Originally Posted by niteshift
OK ! smile

cheers, niteshift

Well, so far this is my photo entitled "Slim and a knight" I made specially for one scene with gangsters:


Later I'll post this scene (after will get it formated)
Posted By: MidniteBob Re: Script - 09/30/12 01:38 PM
Hi Alek,

Here's a good place for screenwriting tips. There's even one forum for 3-5 page reviews.

Good luck, and congratulations on the contact!

Posted By: Alek Re: Script - 10/13/12 11:41 PM
Bob thanks, will see it, although, I already have some others too,
and I take a part in discussions there, even posted my logline
for review and got very useful advices from experienced guys.
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