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Wisdom's Jungle 1

Posted By: Perry Neal Crawford

Wisdom's Jungle 1 - 05/15/20 07:16 PM

A would-be hunter grabbed his spear,
some meat for dinner was his goal,
Little did he know the feast
planned for today was for his soul.

Passing through a grassy meadow,
he was startled by a sound,
Straight ahead an injured Kudu
limped across the rugged ground.

Carrying a lifted foreleg,
as a wounded prey will do,
Carefully the watchful Kudu
kept the boy within her view.

Swiftly now he ran to catch her
with his spear raised for the kill,
Cleverly she kept the boy
in close pursuit straight up a hill.

Faster now the pair was running,
not one inch the boy could gain,
Soon the hunter grew suspicious
of this Kudu feigning pain.

As they reached a gaping gorge
she leapt across it easily,
Standing safely at a distance
told the hunter candidly,

‘You came close to what was hidden
in the grasses very near,
Nestled warm my baby shivered
violently from mortal fear.

Friend or foe, there was no time
to wait and see which came to call,
So I sacrifice myself by
running out before them all.

Feigning pain and injury
I look to be both sick and lame,
Luring foes far from my baby
then proving I'm not easy game.

“Foolish chances do you take
with your own life the hunter said,
Soon will come the dreadful day
when such a folly leaves you dead.”

“Sacrifice may someday cost
my life but I will never fear,
By doing so I guarantee
the lives of those I hold so dear.

Simple faith can make a difference,
this I hope you’ve learned from me,
For the hunter now is hunted,
turn around and you will see.”

Spinning round the boy then saw
the large hyenas all around,
Trapped between them and the gorge,
there was no safety to be found.

Growling, snapping, ever forward,
crept the pack much closer near,
Young and overwhelmed the boy
was clearly conquered by his fear.

“Listen boy! Move quickly now,
And do exactly what I say,
You have to make a leap of faith
for it is now the only way!

Turn around my boy and face me,
run as fast as you can go,
Leap as though you mean to fly
and leave your earthly home below!

Hyenas pounced just as the boy
began to make his turn around,
Then the lead attacker grabbed him
just before he left the ground,

Hyena jaws were firmly clamped
into the breechcloth that he wore,
Frantically the boy kept running,
finally away it tore!

He felt the breath of his attackers
as they moved in close behind,
As the danger of the chasm
he was facing came to mind.

He kept his eyes completely fixed
upon the Kudu as he jumped,
And gave a yell of pain and joy
as on the other side he thumped.

Then the hunter and the Kudu
watched together from afar,
There across the yawning chasm
stood hyenas, mouths ajar.

Cheering loud in celebration
as the pack turned ‘round to go,
Soberness returned to both
as they were standing toe to toe.

The hunter with his spear in hand,
With it’s keenly sharpened blade,
Pointed it at mother Kudu
that had rendered selfless aid.

“What could make you think your aid
Might have save you from my spear?
Do you think I can resist
a tasty prey that stands so near?”

“You exercised your faith and did
just what I said for you to do,
Doing so you learned that faith
and trust would always see you through.”

“Now I stand here right before you
as your friend or as your prey,
Exercising faith and trust
that you’ll not take my life today.”

The hunter raised his deadly spear
and held it high into the air,
Then with both hands he plunged it deep
into the dirt and left it there.

They had to take the long way home,
Back to where the day began,
With the sun, new trust and faith,
would dawn between both beast and man.
Posted By: Moosesong

Re: Wisdom's Jungle 1 - 05/26/20 12:56 AM

I like this. a very nice and thoughtful story.
Posted By: Perry Neal Crawford

Re: Wisdom's Jungle 1 - 05/31/20 05:20 AM

Thank you. I have more of these that I wrote for my children. I hope many others will share them with their children and grandchildren.
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