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Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney Daily Distractions 11-12-17 - 11/12/17 12:26 PM
Hi Folks,

So today I want to share something mostly for musicians (or I guess whatever fans of Smashing Pumpkins are out there) this amazing conversation between Joe Rogan and Billy Corgan. I am not a fan of his band, but I am now a fan of him as a person. The conversation also confirmed so much of what I have been preaching to artists and writers for over 30 years that I felt as if I had written the dialog at times. It's very long by today's short attention span (something I have fought also since the dawn of email in the early 90's) but if you're a musician, young or old, and you want a brutally honest and accurate discussion about the business and life around it. It's nearly 2 hours well spent.

I'd love to hear your thoughts if you watch it. Enjoy!
Posted By: Ricki E. Bellos Re: Daily Distractions 11-12-17 - 11/16/17 02:21 PM
I watched it all...never got into Smashing Pumpkins and had no idea they were such mega rock stars. I guess I listen in different circles. But he sounds like he has a brain which always gives me hope, especially considering his childhood. Thanks for sharing this, Brian.

Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney Re: Daily Distractions 11-12-17 - 11/17/17 01:57 PM
Thanks for checking it out Ricki! I wasn't much into Smashing Pumpkins either, but I thought the discussion was really interesting and refreshingly candid. In the end, make music for yourself. Especially today, but then I have been preaching that approach since day 1. Now, the "fantasy" of rock star/pop star/country star has been debunked, perhaps more people will look at the state of money earning and go back to making music they want, on their own terms and should that somehow fit into a "need" in the market place, bonus. Otherwise, rejoice in the fact you can do something that 95% of people only WISH they could do on any level.

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