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Hi Folks,

In case you missed it, Happy 12-12-12! Consider we'll all be long gone before the next time we have a day, month and year the same number again, it's kind of fun if you consider the numerology. Of course if the Mayan's are right, we only have 9 days left at all, but that's another post!

So write a fun song or do something memorable with what is left of the day! It only comes around once in a lifetime!

Brian... The Mayan's didn't include a leap year ..... the world ended 2 1/2 years ago by their calander.

They didn't use a 365 day calendar as I recall, it was actually more accurate than ours and thus no need for a leap year. Not that I am worried about the Mayan calendar, but I was really just observing the 12/12/12 = )
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