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Posted By: juliewolf Showcase was -really- nice. - 06/09/05 10:57 AM
Last night's showcase was a lot of fun. I want to apologize for leaving early-- I had hoped to get pictures of almost everyone, but I got word of a family emergency quite literally walking off the stage from my performance so I had to fly.



We're going to need a bigger handbasket.
Posted By: juliewolf Re: Showcase was -really- nice. - 06/09/05 06:51 PM
A follow-up: I didn't get pictures of everyone, but I did get a few nice photos of:

Peter Alexander
John Gerard
Rebecca and Ken
Leon Cooper
Derrick Jordan
Amelia Struthers

and a few people whoose names I did not catch. I've posted thumbnails at one of my web sites:

These are small versions of the very high-res versions, most of which are 1.5 - 2mb images. The pictures are all grainy, but most are decent images for web publicity, though probably not so much for print advertising.

So... feel free to browse through the directory. If you want a copy of any of the photos, just e-mail me and I will send you the digital file (It's a digital camera-- I have no prints). Like I said at the show, I'd like it if you do a donation to Just Plain Folks, and if you use the photo anywhere for publicity please give me (Julie Waters) photo credit but other than that, I am not asking for anything; if I were trying to do professional photos in this context, I wouldn't have had the mental energy to enojoy the music.

I will also be at the Easthampton showcase tonight with camera (and banjitar) in hand as well.



We're going to need a bigger handbasket.
Posted By: Marty Helly Re: Showcase was -really- nice. - 06/09/05 10:16 PM
Hey Julie -

44 through 48 are of me.

52 through 55 are Amy England

56 through 59 are Jae C Steele

60 through 63 are Linq (Diane Lincoln)

Thanks for posting these!

Marty my new home

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Posted By: juliewolf Re: Showcase was -really- nice. - 06/09/05 10:51 PM
Marty-- thanks! Now I'm only missing the name of the guy who had the Ovation guitar and did the song about mud season.

I am, as I post this, uploading a new directory with the appended names.


We're going to need a bigger handbasket.
Posted By: RE_Goldenbird Re: Showcase was -really- nice. - 09/06/05 11:07 PM
Hey Julie, that was me, lol I never scrolled down far enough to know that there were individual message boards for the chapters [Linked Image] well now I know.


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