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Posted By: rtliquid Attn: South-Central Pennsylvania - 03/02/05 02:04 AM
Hey Gang,

Just a reminder that we're trying to get the York-Harrisburg Chapter kicked off. I need to gauge the interest here so I can get a kick-off meeting set up. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Baltimore have Chapters, so it looks like "everywhere else" would fall into the York-Harrisburg Region.

Give me a shout if you're interested.

Which venue should we consider for the Roadtrip stop?

Posted By: rtliquid Re: Attn: South-Central Pennsylvania - 03/10/05 02:56 AM
My first inclination would be the Tourist Inn in York. Large venue, large stage, good sound system. There are some others as well, but I don't know how receptive (or available) they'd be.
Posted By: Gordon Groff Re: Attn: South-Central Pennsylvania - 04/03/05 03:59 PM
Hi Rick!

Hey, if this get-together in York happens, let us know! Sweet Nancy is not a "gigging" musician, but we've got a good following in the Lancaster/York area with over 2000 CD's of her piano music sold. We're looking for ways to increase her song-writing exposure now.

Sweet Nancy Productions
"Fine Music For The Rest Of Us"
Posted By: Kaley Willow Re: Attn: South-Central Pennsylvania - 05/02/07 11:56 PM
Hi Rick.... I'm probably closer to the York Area than Pittsburgh
and Philly... Where do you meet and when...
I'm south of Elmira.NY.. It would be a long trip....but
I'll keep my ears... and eyes open for an opportunity ...
once you know when and where you're going to be meeting...
York is about..3 hours 20 good stops.

Good luck to you !!!...
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