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I've been invited to that in the past, and wondered if any of you have been?


Are you referring to the Millenium Music Conference?

I was going to attend the conferences last year, but had to back out at the last minute due to scheduling conflicts. As far as performing there, I believe nearly all of the venues are "pay to play" for this event. I'm sorry, but we play enough free charity events throughout the year - I'm certainly not going to pay someone else to give them the pleasure of seeing my group perform. There is a point at which you have to say, "Enough's enough". (sorry for the rant)


I AM smiling...on the inside!

Most conferences have turned into pay to play. But we often work with conferences to set up free shows for our members. I am not sure we would do it at that conference, but we've done hundreds of free showcases all over North America. I was just curious if anyone had experience at this one and if it was worth checking out.

Hi, Brian,

The Millennium Music Conference gets considerable press, but, like your earlier commentator, I don't care for the "pay to play" concept either. I performed a few years back, but I did not have to pay the fees as I was otherwise involved in the hosting, etc. Plus, this is my immediate home area where I was known and could help out here & there. Since I make my living as a folk singer/musician, I can't afford to pay to play, although donating my music for a valid cause is fine.
hi, yes i stopped in at the conferance on this saturday past wanting to check out the activity and workshops. i was aware that it was pay to play and passed on that but i was not aware that the workshop had to be paid for. maybe i'm stupid. any way, i noticed that some people had id tags on they're shirts but many did not so i felt it must be open to the public, also i am certain i read somewhere on their site some referance to something being open to the public. well i thot it would be great to set in on one of the workshops pertaining to songwriting(in part). as i was about to sign up for this a guy came up to me and said, you have no name tag, you have to leave, this is for musicians who have paid to be here. i started to say something about the newspaper article (which i think is where i saw the reference to being open to the public, i didn't pull the idea out of the air) this guy rudely cut me off and said, it didn't say it was free did it? i responded that i didn't see that it was for a fee. again, you have to leave! i didn't try to discuss it futher being already very embarressed. the experiance was decidedly unpleasant, every body was so nice and welcoming then out of the blue, wham!! some guy comes up and says get thee out. I'll never go there again. i will also add that the people at the "welcoming" table impressed as though they were not happy to be there. so that was my first and last experiance with that outfit, it's definatly and strictly payola.

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