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Posted By: Kay-lynn Carew The Breakfast Club - 01/24/21 02:54 AM
I do have a melody for this song.... (which I'm not sure I like).. and I have a chorus (which I think may be weak?) I actually have 2 different choruses, but here is the first version. This is a real place by the way. (smile). We all see them at every little town off every off ramp all over America. I think there is a more common thread, but can't seem to put my finger on it.

At Eddie's Market & Hardware

 in Pegram, TN

six tiny booths by the deli in the back

that's the place where they all meet

The trucks start pullin in

trying to beat the sun that's comin up

old men in F250's arrive 

for the meeting of the breakfast club


It's like a party with coffee

and everybody knows your name

and they still like you and claim you

just because you came

And they can and they do and they will so can you

If you wanna know what's up

you'll have to wait your turn and hope

for a seat at the breakfast club

Mr. Brown and Jack sit down

and the rest just wander in

like a silent obligation

they all agreed to way back when

Eddie puts out the American flag

and everyone grabs a cup

it's half past eight and you're all late

for the meeting of the breakfast club

Posted By: JAPOV Re: The Breakfast Club - 01/24/21 08:16 AM
Bill wears a cap from Vietnam
Tattered, faded and used
Patches and tags hang on the wall
With Johnny's ribbons from WWII... smile
Posted By: Kay-lynn Carew Re: The Breakfast Club - 01/24/21 02:42 PM
Yup, alot of them do wear those hats... ! Thanks for reminding me.
Posted By: Gavin Sinclair Re: The Breakfast Club - 01/24/21 04:23 PM
I love the lyric. I used to travel a lot for work and often grab breakfast at McDonald's. There was very often a gathering of this sort going on. I like JAPOV's suggestion about the hats too.
Posted By: Kay-lynn Carew Re: The Breakfast Club - 01/24/21 04:34 PM
Yup, there everywhere!!! I just want the chorus to be really strong and actually "say" something about these groups that are all over the country.
Posted By: lesleedp Re: The Breakfast Club - 05/15/21 02:17 PM
I like the idea. You're right, I've seen breakfast clubs all over. I think that your verses painted a picture more than your chorus. I think you have something.
Posted By: Kay-lynn Carew Re: The Breakfast Club - 05/16/21 12:16 PM
Thank you Lesleedp ------------Version #2 of the chorus

WE love those guys, they got your back
I lost a tool, I need a jump
Free advice, imagine that

I love those men, who raise their hand
Solve all the problems of the world
When we’re all in a jam, (yeah)
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