Time.........music/lyrics by: e.swartz

A few years back when I was at a dinner banquet walking around before dining I was enjoying seeing the younger folks all dressed up and having a wonderful time engaging in group conversations in every direction I looked. As I walked through the crowds I noticed only middle aged or elderly folks seemed to acknowledge my presence which was fine and certainly is normal. But I just realized how "faceless" I had seemed to become and non-existent by youth. We all have had our youth and it surely is fleeting.....that evening motivated this song, although I am fine with being a gray beard and embrace my future even though the end comes nearer with each passing year! I have a feeling a few of you one time "flirts" can relate to these lyrics!

Hope you like the song, and of course comments always welcome....

Credits: Dom Sigalas - orchestration
Simon Mimines - drums
e.swartz - guitars/vocals/production


Vs 1

Time….elusive and so cruel….it’s true….so true
Life….are you satisfied and did you dance today….well okay

Chorus 1

You’re more than halfway home
And you’re feel’n alone (2nd Ch ----And in your mind you roam)
But no one seems to notice, you anymore

Vs 2

Style….you always wore that special air, on your sleeve….I do believe
Play…. you silly man, your jokes have all grown old….so I’m told

(Repeat chorus)


Yesterday when I looked at you
You tried to hide your smile
But now my eyes find no reply
But there’s a young man trapped inside - (flute solo)

Vs 3

Greed….I’m sorry that it is my time to bleed….indeed
Peace….will tomorrow enlighten, will it comfort me….we’ll see
Time……..elusive and so cruel……. its true.....