I thought I'd get back to the Celtic part of me with this cautionary tale of addiction.



The Devil's Rap © Vic Arnold
Can't say it was good or bad. Naked neat or fancy clad
Rolled with any thing it had. Nothing short of cunning.
Wicked dreams, come round again.
Like a top I start to spin.
Hell knows where I'm going or been
Never saw it coming.
At the first it stings or burns. After time the body learns
to get there fast with no return. One way ticket only.
Take it short or take it long. Use it all until it's gone.
Plenty more where this came from in the land of lonely.
The devil's rap. Down the drain.
Through the rivers, to the main.
Like the tide, comes back again
Pulls you in, drowns your brain. Steals away your soul.
I saw a man who wasn't there, climbing up a crooked stair
and then he wasn't anywhere but never saw him leaving.
I woke up in a sky of stars. Saw another friend had passed.
Seems the moment never lasts. Nothing to believe in.
Take a sip or take a bite, taste the colours gold or white.
Hang on for the donkey ride. Tripping out to nowhere.
Here the sun will always shine in an everlasting lie.
See the truth before you die, sinking in that old chair
Drink my fill, take the pill, lose the will to shout "Hell No!"
Here we go.
The devil's crap will take you down ...
Through the gutters, round the town.
In the sewers you'll be found ...
Wearing turds for a crown. Dying in a hole.