One of my all time favs! And now there's a book out about the "Making of". Google it if ya want. I just want to toss in something from my memory as it relates to the screenwriter.

Danny Rubin is credited as "Based on the story by", and he and Harold Ramis(who directed) are listed as co-writers.

Oftentimes(practically all the time, actually), once a script is sold, then the writer is out of the picture. Really, they just don't like to have the writer hanging around while the film is being shot, but that's another thread.

And Groundhog Day was different because they kept tinkering and tinkering due to logistics and questions and egos. Mr. Rubin was on location 24/7 and constantly rewriting.

One of the questions, was "How many Groundhog Days did the Dude have to live through?"....The answer they came up with was 10,000. They based that on how long it would take someone with no musical background to become a piano player of the skill exhibited in one of the final scenes....That's roughly 27 YEARS!

But my favorite, and yet depressing, trivia, is that on the night of the Premiere, Danny Rubin was in a line next to Andi McDowell, a very kind and sweet North Carolinian. Their conversation went something like this.

D.R.: Hi.
A.M: Hello.
Awkward pause
A.M So, what was your part in the filming?
D.R....I, ummm...I wrote it.
A.M. Oh. Pleased to meet you.

Yeap, THAT's how high up the food chain screenwriters are.

Check out the book. It's a hoot.


Satchel was right. Something is gaining on me.

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