If ya find the thought of a 100 page script too daunting, how's about a "short"? 5 - 10 pages/minutes usually, sometimes up to 15...FWIW: 1 written page = 1 minute screentime.

Someone once asked Springsteen about writng a movie based on some of his songs, and he simply replied that he'd already said everything he had to say in the song.

But still...

There are a LOT of people looking for quality short scripts to cut their film making teeth on...Go ahead. Take one of your songs, turn it into a script...I dare ya!

There's no money in it, of course, but it's a start.

Another way to pursue the short avenue, is to hook up with a local 48 Film Project Team.


Their 2012 Tour is over, but they'll be gearing up for this year's Project soon enough. Keep an eye on the website and have an Ad for Craigslist ready to round up or join a team.

It's a HOOT...It really is.



Satchel was right. Something is gaining on me.

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