From a writer's perspective, Hollywood, much like Nashville, has changed in the last decade. For better or worse, the Internet/Digital age brought in new realities. In the 20th Century, in Nashville, there were such things as "Staff-writers"...And we all dreamed of writing that ONE BIG HIT that someone might cover...I hope folks have adjusted to the New Age.

Screenwriting is much like that...Can someone come out of nowhere and succeed?...YES....Does it happen very often?...
Not so much.

So, if you wanna write a script, that someone might turn into a movie, please do so...But please go into it with your eyes open.

But let's put aside the DREAMS...One of the nice things about songwriting, is that you can write a song, hit an open-mic, and perform the darn thing yourself. It's not quite that simple with a script.

The logistics of shooting a real movie are insane, not to mention the expertise involved. But much like music, the digital age has made it possible for untold thousands to pick up a camera and hit the Web.

Less I'm coming across as too negative lately, just to show that it CAN be done, Google "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" as an example of the Little Web Series That Could.



Satchel was right. Something is gaining on me.

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