Hi everyone!

My name is Andy Kotz and I'm a composer. I have signed 6 deals (music libraries, publishing & production deals) in the last 2 years. Although not all of them were a direct result of a Taxi forward (2 were), I feel that Taxi Music is responsible for my flourishing success. I have an established career in music as a touring/recording guitarist as well as a producer in the record business when I lived in Los Angeles (1972-1997) prior to relocating to Minnesota and "semi-retiring". Well the "music mistress" won't go away, she kept knocking at my door! Now... I'm back to music... full-time again. And enough Taxi Music advocacy!

The music business IS a process and it is an arduous one.

With all that aside, I would like to invite anyone of you songwriter/lyricists who are in need of demo services to visit my music and website. I operate AKMusic Productions from my basement studio in Monticelo, MN just 30 minutes northwest of Minneapolis. I have composed for songwriter/lyricists from Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY, from Chicago. IL to Brisbane, Australia and from Dublin, Ireland to Prague of the Czech Republic. All because of the internet!
I have Skype video conferencing available which also makes it fun and easier.

I do currently have 3 active clients that have hired me and are VERY happy with the results (testimonials available at my website). I aim to please. I'm diligent and give the utmost attention to detail with regards to all of my productions, whether mine OR yours...

Please consider me (AKMusic Productions) when you shop around for a quality, affordable demo.
My website has all the information you will need with regards to any question(s) you may have (i.e; rates, process, payment, services, etc.).

Please visit: AKMusic Productions

Wishing us ALL success!! -- Andy

"After silence... that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible... is music" -- Aldous Huxley

AKMusic Productions