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Am passing this along from Bern and the Brights, a NJ group I did an EP review on awhile back. Everyone's welcome.


Bern & the Brights

Saturday, April 16th, Record Store Day

Starchild 7-Inch Release Show

Tunes | 4-6PM | 225 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ

Maxwell’s | 8:30PM | 1079 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ

“Starchild” and “Lost in the Sea” comprise our latest release. These songs debut as a couplet because they go together like peas and carrots, both sonically and thematically. Each of the tunes spill at the brim with undeniable melancholic frustrations with the superficiality of the times, but the angst is assuaged by a skeptical humor, an uplifting vibe, and a touchy-feely message: love is the law.

The expansive musical expression of these two songs is our offering of a hopefulness, an airiness of soul, a spark of inspiration, and a reminder that the answer is in the sunset. Keep riding toward it with your stereo blasting, and in that bliss is everything---the sour, the sweet, the poetry, and the party.

We are a group of individuals who process life through music and have a relentless, stubborn, and compulsive need to create and share our music with as many people as we can. We are completely unhip because we don’t know what hip means and never think about it. We are elusive in terms of genre (due to a teeming stew of influences, indecision, and a general inability to control our musical ids). Our aim, with every musical noise that we conjure, is to make hearts burst, faces melt, mouths kiss, and bodies move. In short, we are here to bring you an emotional conglomerate including our love, and to win your heart forevermore. And our fans have ours, sincerely. No fake exchanges allowed.

If you get a chance, they're a great live act. Website : www.bernandthebrights.com

cheers, niteshift