The songwriting team of Wendy Liew and Scott Williams return after a 2 year absence with SW Songs and Publishing III. It contains radio-friendly pop [Summertime], love songs [Affairs Of The Heart], 80s-style electro [Were Apart] and for the first time for Liew and Williams, an instrumental [Twank].

Im proud of the production on this release as a whole, however Twank has raised the barrier for the standard of our work, says Williams. In general, I compose in conjunction with Wendys lyrical ideas, however the key melody line of Twank was begging to be brought to the fore. The song is going to sound great on radio, and it certainly wouldnt be out of place being featured in the advertising medium.

Liew has never sung better, and Williams lead vocals bring a different perspective to the releases more progressive songs. All up, SW Songs and Publishing III is a winner; get onto it now!!