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#847216 - 09/28/10 06:51 PM Tuesday, September 28, 2010  
Joined: Apr 2001
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Brian Austin Whitney Offline
Brian Austin Whitney  Offline

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Joined: Apr 2001
Posts: 19,414
Indianapolis, IN USA
Hi Folks,

Well I finally hit 15,000 posts. (Still well behind Tampa Stan). It's been a great 13 years so far and I am looking forward to finishing my rehab and getting back full force to JPF programs.

We are relaunching Los Angeles, Nashville, Memphis and are looking for new coordinators anywhere in the world where there are at least 10 interested musicians who want to participate.

We also want to start up a new virtual discussion group using webcams. Anyone who is familiar with webcam meetings (or software we could buy or rent to host on our own site) please send me a note. I want to start meeting with folks around the world via webcam. On Skype were are just.plain.folks or you can just type my name Brian Austin Whitney. Be sure to send me a note so I know who you are.

We want to start up the JPF awards again. We no longer have an online platform to use, but I am working on finding a new one or perhaps just going back to our manual method. We may partner with some music schools to help with screening. We also need to expand our foreign language team to lighten the load for those who can translate the 100+ languages we got before. Since we've had no showcases other than the music awards week activities in the last year, we may open up to YouTube live performances for our Live Artist of the Year category. I am also always open to new ideas. Keep in mind logistics however. We may receive 500-1,000,000 songs and 50,000-80,000 albums this time around. Do the math on the number of hours it takes to screen all that music 1 time (it's 7.5 years for 1 person to listen 1 time if they listened 24 hours a day year round. At 8 hours per day it's 22.5 years).

I also want to get back to touring. I'd like to do a 6 month US tour where we visit every state as well as all of Canada. I'd like to do a similar trip to Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and Antartica. (we have a member at one of the stations there).

Of course this is all with optimistic hope that my health improves and I am can do it. I am also hoping to find my successor for JPF. I try to watch the scene for someone with their heart in the right place and the drive to do it right. It's fun but lots of thankless work most of the time and it doesn't pay in traditional ways. But I learned that there's far more important things than money. Perhaps that person could figure out how to add money without corruption. Is that even possible.

I'll be heading to Europe Oct 4-Nov 7th. Hopefully I'll meet some of you there!


Brian Austin Whitney
Just Plain Folks
Skype: Brian Austin Whitney
Facebook: www.facebook.com/justplainfolks

"Don't sit around and wait for success to come to you... it doesn't know the way." -Brian Austin Whitney

"It's easier to be the bigger man when you actually are..."

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#847330 - 09/29/10 09:01 AM Re: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 [Re: Brian Austin Whitney]  
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niteshift Offline
niteshift  Offline

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Joined: Dec 2006
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.......Perhaps that person could figure out how to add money without corruption.........

Hey Brian, Glad to see you got your sense of humour back. grin

cheers, niteshift

#847366 - 09/29/10 01:02 PM Re: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 [Re: niteshift]  
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Matt Moran Offline
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Matt Moran  Offline
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Joined: Jul 2007
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Lancaster, CA

I would love to provide some technical direction where applicable.

tokbox.com is a multi-camera/conference website that works pretty well.

I use both ustream.tv and livestream.com for streaming performances but it is one way on the audio/video.

I also use GoToWebinar.com for webinars - which allow people to join and have audio conferencing together using just their PC and attached/built-in microphone.

I tried to catch you a few times online but we never hooked up. I would still like to but due to my schedule really need a set time. You should have my email. If you give me a couple dates/times I will adjust my schedule accordingly.

In any case, wishing you great success on your visit to Europe and look forward to finally speaking with you.


#848051 - 10/02/10 06:03 PM Re: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 [Re: Matt Moran]  
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Doug/Liszt Laughing Offline
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Doug/Liszt Laughing  Offline
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Joined: Feb 2002
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Wow - check this out Brian:


Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_europe_terror_threat

The Associated Press has learned the Obama administration is considering a broad warning for U.S. citizens to avoid public places in Europe due to new al-Qaida threats.

Such a move could have significant implications for European tourism.

"U.S. officials told the AP on Saturday that the State Department may issue a travel warning as early as Sunday advising Americans to stay away from European tourist sites, transportation hubs and other facilities airport for Europe because of new threat information.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley declined to comment on the matter. But he said the administration remains focused on al-Qaida threats to U.S. interests and will take appropriate steps to protect Americans.


This is just FYI - I don't expect this to deter you, but if they do this that is pretty wild. Things must be worse out there than we think.


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Boo...my name is Doug
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