There's a Music Industry Conference coming up in Syracuse on September 8th and 9th with some good speakers and networking opportunities. The website does not have all of the details, so I have posted the schedule of the seminars below. Check the website for more info.

Music Industry Conference
Meet – Interact – Connect

800 South State Street
Syracuse, New York 13202

Panel Schedule: MIC

Friday, October 8, 2010

10am – 10pm: Registration, Badge & Wristband pickup in the Oncenter Lobby


“How to Treat Your Band Like a Business” Larry Luttinger
(Downstairs Meeting Room A)

“Story Time” Tales from inside the industry.
Tommy Nast - former 94 Rock DJ co-owner of Rock Band Entertainment
Eric Alper - E1 Entertainment Toronto
Ellyn Solis - publicist Vermillion Media Group
others TBA
(Downstairs Meeting Room B)

1:30 – 2:45

“Ultimate Music Business Q&A: A panel of experts from diverse ends of the music industry will answer any and all of your questions.”
Tommy Nast co-owner Rock Band Entertainment
Jeff Tortora Syracuse native current drummer in Blue Man Group-Vegas
Stuart Shapiro – Entertainment Lawyer
Others TBA
(Downstairs Meeting Room A)

The Dissection of the Syracuse Music Scene”
- The early years and the ever changing scene.
- What the hell happened?
(Original Music/Cover band discussion
- Evolution of the “summer event”.
- How do we become a music town?
- Major National acts and larger venues.
- What does the future hold?
- Q&A

Moderator: Stacey Waterman, The DMR Agency
David Rezak Professor, Syracuse University
Ronnie Leigh Musician and Teacher
Dave Frisina TK-99
Scott Sterling The Dinosaur Bar-b-que
Eileen Heagerty Entrepreneur
Scott Dixon The Lost Horizon
Colin Aberdeen Local Artist
Chuck Chao Eastern Artists
Pat MacMurray Mac’s Bad Art Bar
Jeff Jones Local Artist
Sue Harrington Daniel F. Rubado Productions

(Downstairs Meeting Room B)

“Rockers Rock and Roadies Roll” Discussion led by National Audio owner Mark Gummer. Discussion about sound, lighting, stage, roofing, touring, stagehands, riggers and more.
(Downstairs Meeting Room A)

Songwriters Workshop
Bob Halligan Jr.
(Downstairs Meeting Room B)

4:30-5:45 Martin Atkins Author of -Tour:Smart – “Welcome to the Music Business, You’re F*@$#d”
(Downstairs Meeting Room A)

Venue Management:
Chuck Chao – moe.down
Scott Dixon – The Lost Horizon
Others TBA
(Downstair Meeting Room B)

* Times and rooms subject to change. Please visit for the latest updates including more of the “Who’s Who” in each panel discussion.

Saturday, October 8, 2010

“Get your music heard” - Panel of influential listeners. Bring demos – 1st minute of your selected song will be critiqued.
(Downstairs Meeting Room A)

Social Networking – “Is it working for you?” Casey Rae-Hunter of the Future of Music Coalition
(Downstairs Meeting Room B)

Part One: So, you want to be a rockstar”… get out of the garage!
Larry Luttinger
Steve Winston
Gary Frenay
Joe Altier
(Downstairs Meeting Room C)

Producers and Engineers Round table.
Armand Petri
Jeff Moleski
Mark Doyle
Todd Hobin
Ron Keck – Subcat Music Studios
Don DeBiase - Studio D
Elias from Benchmark Media
(Downstairs Meeting Room A)

Martin Atkins, author of “Tour:Smart and Breaking the Band”
“Strategies for Success”
(Downstairs Meeting Room B)

Part Two: “So you want to be a rockstar”…legal and business issues.
What every musician needs to know about the basics of copyrights, trademarks, music licensing, and publishing.
Stuart Shapiro Entertainment Lawyer
(Downstairs Meeting Room C)

The Future of Record Labels
Neil Sheehan owner of Standby Records
Josh Grabelle owner of Bullet Tooth Records
Steve Goff owner Red Parlor Records
(Downstairs Meeting Room A)

Songwriters Workshop
Duane Hitchings * Loren Barrigar * Bob Halligan Jr.
(Downstairs Meeting Room B)

Part Three: “So you want to be a rock star…touring and the Big Time”
Maryjo Spillane Tour Manger – Tour Accountant – Production Manager
Marla Wax Ferguson – Director * Entertainment *Travel – FROSCH
Others TBA
(Downstairs Meeting Room C)

Keynote Speaker: Bob Lefsetz – controversial author, blog meister and author or The Lefsetz Letter

Keynote Speaker: Max Weinberg

* Times and rooms subject to change. Please visit for the latest updates including more of the “Who’s Who” in each panel discussion.