Philadelphia Songwriters Project Announces
2010 Songwriting Contest:
Its All About Love!

Ardmore, PA February 1, 2010

Philadelphia Songwriters Project welcomes submissions for its 2010 Songwriting Contest.

We have had great prizes in the past, but this is our biggest exposure package ever!

This year we are proud to announce that our 2010 Winners will earn local, regional and national performances opportunities at the following venues

The Kimmel Center Summer Solstice
Bethlehem Musik Fest
The Philadelphia Folk Festival
Rose Tree Media Summer Concerts
Sellersville Theater
BRE Presents: Live independent music Presenter
National Radio Appearance

*Stay tuned to the website as more opportunities or prizes may be added.

2010 Theme: Love Songs
Be creative! This means all kinds of love: for a child, a friend, a pet, a place, your mom, God, a lover past or present. Love here now, long ago and far away, wished for, or love gone astray. Whether it be a ballad, dance tune, chant or shanty, we want to hear your emotion expressed musically and lyrically - anything goes.

Performing Songwriters of all levels and all genres are welcome to submit.

Note: We love our non-performing songwriters, but as our prizes are live shows, we request only performing songwriters enter for this contest.

Performances must be able to be stripped down to accommodate some venues.

Visit for all submission details
Deadline for submissions April 1, 2010