Riveting Riffs Magazine is looking for a concert reviewer in Austin and you must be comfortable in multiple genres of music. We will provide you with free concert tickets and your name will appear on the review. If you are in the entertainment industry, we will provide a link to your website and a brief bio at the bottom of the reviews. We will also place a photo headshot if you wish. We want to make clear that we do not pay for the reviews and you are responsible for your own expenses.
We have twenty-five writers, editors and photograhers throughout the United States and we are a critically acclaimed publication. We are not a gossip tabloid, so if that is your style of writing we would not be a good fit for you. Before replying please acquaint yourself with our magazine http://www.rivetingriffs.com We are only looking for writers who have goog writing skills and a solid background in music.
Reply to: jmontague@rivetingriffs.com