Whee...it HAS been a while since I did a Review, hasn't it? Waal...with very little left-over loot each Weekend, we-uns just HAVEN'T been TO the Movies a lot, lately. &...up until THIS one, I wasn't Highly-Inspired to even Review any.

I hadn't even planned on SEEING this flick, but arrived too-late to catch Sandra Bullock's "The Proposal" (since our fave Chinese Restaurant always gets done FIRST..every Saturday Night.)

We then asked the Ticket Window Kid "Well, what would YOU Recommend we see?" His assurances this wasn't your "typical College Humor Flick" about Bachelor Parties was reassuring, and trust me when I say "This is one of the FUNNIEST Flicks I've seen since "The Wedding Crashers". It's been out since June, & if you haven't yet seen it..(& need a pretty SOLID 2 Hours of Cheering-Up)...DON'T MISS THIS ONE~

Directed by Todd Phillips, and Written by Jon Lucas & Scott Moore, it has 4 Basic Guy-Characters the Wife & I had great FUN deciding "Who Their Counterparts among our OWN Acquantances" each of the 4 Main Guy-Actors were. Justin Bartha (Doug Billings, the Groom) is a Handsome Serious Guy, off for his One Last Romp with The Buds..to Las Vegas..& "No Questions-Asked Party Time". He's truly in-love with The Wife-to-Be..& is DUE BACK On-Time in a couple days..or a BIG Wedding's gonna be spoiled. The Bride's Brother's a Fascinating "Study"..a reclusive Loner-&-Stoner WELL-Played by Zach Galifianahas (Alan Garner)..who toasts all his "Newfound Brothers" on rooftop of the Newly-Rented Caesar's Palace $4K a Night Suite the Guys all rent..with some "Doctored" Jaegermeister.

Unfortunately for the Guys..(& Making for a HILARIOUS Plotline...the Drugs that Alan got from the Liquor Store Guy were "Roofies"..not "Ecstacy".) & from that TOAST On...The Guys wake up The NEXT Morning/Suite's nearly-destroyed from an evening's Debauchery/The Groom's MISSING/& NONE can remember a THING! (The "Other Two" are Bradley Cooper (Playing Phil Wenneck) and Ed Helms (Stu Price)..one's a Knowledgeable Stud, The Other's a kinda Henpecked long-term-engaged Dentist.) Really Good Vignettes are supplied by Heather Graham (Jade), a local, loveable Stripper, and Mike Tyson, playing Himself!

There are "hints" of "Rain Man" here-&-there..(The BIG Card-Counting Blackjack Game..the Immaculate 60's Vintage Mercedes Convertible)..interwoven with a Stolen Cop Car...a Tiger in The Bathrooom/Mystery Chicken wandering-about..the Day-After..and just WAY TOO MANY Things that The Guys gotta go THROUGH to get them to The Church On-Time. Their Suffering..& Humanity..through all-this..is Incredibly Funny, once you put aside ANY pretentions to being Politically/Morally-Correct.

It's "R-Rated", mild Nudity, occasionally Violent, Blood gets spilled, Mike delivers a Shiner. Bring a Wheelchair in case ya Laugh Your A$$ Off..Wife & I sure did! 9-Outta-10, for some Great Humor/Fine Acting/Directing...(& I'll add the Music Director, too..did a Wonderful Job.) It's SO Funny, it's going to Bollywood for a Re-Make..in Hindustani! (It got announced a few days ago.)

So I guess "What Happens In Vegas" here was SO funny it couldn't Stay! See it & see what You Think!

Big Hugs,