Hey everybody - Ray Bertram of The Back Country Connection here, I'm one of the co-founders of the BCC and continue to be it's primary writer. I spent my high school years in Mt. Sterling Kentucky, just outside of Lexington...after I went to college my family moved to Lexington itself - that was over 20 years ago so it's become "the home that I always go back to visit," so I just wanted to tell everybody in this forum hello. I live in Arkansas these days, on top of a remote mountain, about 35 miles from the nearest town...but I'm still a Kentucky boy at heart. As a matter of fact, the top of our mountain looks A LOT like the part of Kentucky where I grew up, one of the reasons I like it so much. It's good to meet everyone - feel free to drop a message in this strand if you like, it's always good meeting new folks and making new friends.