"They control your money. They control your government. They control your life. And everybody pays." (Pretty-catchy Tagline, eh?);-)>

Well, in this day of ever-increasing bills..& dwindling income, it's FUN to see a movie where Bankers are The Villains..though don't expect any comedy here...

Clive Owen brilliantly portrays Agent Louis Salinger, an Interpol Investigator, pursuing the scantest-of-leads. His handlers think he's paranoid, but little-by-little, tiny and un-likely details DO fall into place, as the drama-thriller moves you from Berlin to Milan, to NYC, & finally "Showdown" in Istanbul.

Along the way, he becomes a "marked man" as his efforts become known to the bankers he's uncovering. Bankers who deal in murder & international arms trafficing, WITH very high-up political "sponsors". (Anyone remember the Contra Scandal?) He's helped out along-the-way by Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts), another agent who starts out unsure of Salinger's sanity..gets near-killed as she plunges into the dangers-encountered..then's warned by superiors as things get TOO close to The Truth.

The INTERNATIONAL has some Great Sleuthing, Fine Car Chases, VERY Believable Villains, Bureaucrats & Politicians. Award-Winning German Director Tom Tykover takes Writer Eric Singer's script and RUNS with it. VERY "James Bondian"..(& the Shootout in NYC's Guggenheim Museum is a "Don't Miss!")

I'd rate it a very Solid "7 1/2-Outta-10"..it's 2 Exciting Hours, and the Foreign Locales were a great Gettaway!


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