Ever arrive at the Theater & the Movie you PLANNED to see is "All Sold Out" (& you're NOT gonna WAIT 2 hours 'till the Next Showing?)

Waal, this makes 3-outta-the-last 4 Flicks we've seen..(& the 4th, a French Flick that kinda-sucked, TOO) is Why I've not done a Review in over a Month. Nothing Worth Recommending..'till THIS one:

"NEW IN TOWN" IS rather new in town/We'd heard Zilch in advance about it..&..since "TAKEN" just HAD been...all-sold-out...we asked the Gal at the Ticket Window about this one, & she looked skyward & sighed "Chick Flick!"

But, La Femme likes Renee Zellwegger (who admirably plays Lucy Hill here) & with a herd of anxious Ticketbuyers behind us, I hurriedly said "OK" & we got the Tix with no further-discussion.

WASN'T expecting much-to-like...BUT, I did, so today you get a New Review! Zellwegger plays a Miami-Based Career-Person fast-breaking into Upper Management. Board of Directors of her Industrial Company has a fairly aging, un-productive Dairy Products Plant in New Ulm, Minnesota..& she hies-off to boost her career..& the aging plant..in Mid-Winter.

You immediately sense this Romantic Comedy's gonna be about a Gal who's Out Of Her Element as soon as she heads out of the Airport..Tons of Baggage on her cart..hits the Wind-Chill-Factor goin' out the doors..& hollers "Oh My GOD"..VERY realistically!

The Film was shot in Winnipeg, Manitoba..thus joining Leatherheads and Juno..all films Set-In-Minn. Shot-Elsewhere..which has peeved many of The Locals in real-life.

The Plot's kinda-predictable..CAN she save the Factory after getting to know many of The Locals, & a flegling Romance with Union Head, Ted Michell (Nicely-done, by Harry Connick, Jr.) Her Hyper-Christian Secretary, Blanche Gunderson (Siobhan Fallon) and Worker's Foreman Stu Kopenhofer (J.K. Simmons) are fine Plot-Twisting Character-Acting by two Old Pros.

The Vignettes..of Hunting (& trying to pee, with a Stuck Zipper on your Coveralls), Ice Fishing, Driving over Slippery Roads, & debating Choosing between Big-Town Florida..& Small-Town Minnesota-Living..are all there..& more.

I found it Heartwarming..& it gets an unexpected "6 1/2-outta-10" from yours-truly. (Just glad I could walk to my car in 75-degree weather afterwards..heh!) But see it when ya want some Winter Fun.

Big Hugs,