The Previews to "Gran Tourino" had me expecting a Charles Bronson Flick Re-Make. (It's Not.) At least we WERE Clued-In to Producer/Director Clint Eastwood's being cast as a biased, bigoted, cantankerous Old Guy, which he plays with a flourish throughout.

You'll hear every ethnic slur in the book, as Eastwood plays Walt Kowalski, a Decorated Korean War Vet, recently-widowed, with an aversion to "Slopes"..AND the youthful priest, Father Janovich (Christopher Carley) his wife befriended just before her passing.

Father Janovich wants Walt to come to Confession..& gets an earful of Venom for his efforts. Walt just wants to be left alone in his modest home full of a crumbling near-inner-city Detroit suburbs. He's not at all ready for the rest home his avoracious kids have planned for him.

In a tool-filled garage sits a Minty 1972 Gran Tourino..his pride-&-joy.."Installed the steering column myself when I was back on the line"... He meets his Hmung-Refugee Neighbor's son, Thao ("Toad") when the studious loner-lad tries stealing it in a Gang Initiation Rite..(His Cousin's a Gang Leader) & unexpectedly gets to know the Neighbors (& it's all Very Comedic!)

Much of the balance of the Movie is a "Coming of Age" Flick as the young Born-in-the-USA Hmong teenager chooses between family honor..or joining a Gang to "belong" & be-accepted. Walt begrudgingly ends up a Father-Figure..AND a prime target for the gang.

There's some interesting Philosophizing going-on in Dave Johansson's Story & Nick Schenk's well-done Scriptwriting: "Who sacrifices the MOST in Our Wars: The Soldiers who fight them..or the Natives our wars displace?" You'll learn LOTS about the Hmung People; most are pretty-well-forgotten since the Vietnam Era, yet MANY are still here, "transplanted" to the US, living lives much like you'll see portrayed.

"Gran Tourino" is a very good movie about Survival and "What Really Counts" in Today's World. It's truly sad to see "Dirty Harry" reduced to An Elderly Dude with Major "Health Issues" onscreen, but the punks DO "Make His Day" & The Tourino heads off into the Credit Roll with quite a few Unexpected Twists.

An "8-Outta-10" for a very pleasant Sad One well-worth The Night Out. "Hats Off" to Clint & Cast for a really Fine Job of it.