I had the good fortune to be packing up a grandfather clock for a guy departing CENTCOM Command Hq for a stint in Germany..a week-ago. What he shared with me..on the US Military's State-of-the-Art Aerial Surveillance Capabilities..was good preparation for the AWESOME Real-Life World that's before your eyes in Director Ridley Scott's "BODY OF LIES" Movie.

Because..(& I Quote).."There's only a 2-millisecond delay in what the cameras pick-up in Iraq or Afghanistan and what we see HERE back in the USA."

"BODY OF LIES" is as REAL and TODAY a "Spy Flick" as you'll ever see. As the Satellites & Predators fly around the globe, SOMEONE in Langley VA IS watching a BigScreen..OR perhaps quite Ambulatory, like Russel Crowe as Ed Hoffman, a CIA "Handler" who attends his kid's soccer match, Hands-Free Cellphone directing Field Agent Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) all over the Middle East.

Big-Brothering is a Dirty-Business, even more-so when Ferris gets a bit of a Battlefield-Promotion & takes over heading CIA Operations in Jordan. New Allegiances must be made, as Al Quaida terrorists step up bombings in Europe. Ferris wants to slowly build up trust with Hani (Mark Strong), head of Jordanian Security. Fluent in Local Language & Customs, Ferris befriends the Chief...also falls for a Local Gal (Goldshifteh Farahami as Aisha)..but his Handler, Hoffman, wants "Quick Results"..& this threatens his allegiances..& eventually, both Ferris and Aisha's lives.

Prepare for Violence, Bloodshed, and Intrigue. SO realistic it makes a James Bond flick look like a Dime Novel. Often times, the Hardware Overhead eclipses the Stars, but you'll gain Newfound Respect for the Guys-on-The-Ground as this Movie rolls rapidly-along. There's very little "Romanticizing" in this fine movie about Those who Keep This Planet as Safe as it (Barely) Is.

"7 1/2-Outta-10"..as realistic an "Update" on The War Against Terror as you'll get anywhere-shy of a CENTCOM Command Briefing Room. Great Acting, Well-Worth the Admission Price.

PS: Two "Musical Mentions" I'll add-in: Guns & Roses "If The World (Would End & All Love Stopped)" previews in the Credit Roll...ahead of their CD's Nov. 23'd Release. Iraqi Actress Goldshifteh Farahani in this flick showed great courage both in playing the Role she played...AND in being part of the Rock Band "Kooch"..which won 1st place in the 2nd Tehran Ave Underground Rock Festival, in 2003. (Rock..and Gals Singing..are BOTH Banned in Iraq.)


Big Hugs,

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