For Starters, Let's compliment the Casting Dep't: Morgan Freeman (as Sloan), Angelina Jolie as Fox, and James McAvoy as Wesley al. These are Good Actors, under a Good Director, Russia's Timur (TEE-moor) Bekmanbetov (Good Luck!)...& it's fairly-well-written by Michael Brandt & Derek Haas.

The movie, "WANTED", is about a Secretive Organization, "The Fraternity", that's kinda like Freemasons..WITH Exotic Weaponry.

They operate out of a decrepit NYC Waterfront brick building full of 19th Century power looms, & maintain their Ancestral Connections with ancient Weavers...who, to this day, send cryptic messages via Warp-&-Woof. Morgan Freeman's Sloan is the US Top-Dog, & translates these rug-backings into alter history-for-the-better. The Members (By Invite-Only) have "Special Skills"..& handle their Assassination Assignments with nary a Question "Why".

Weaponry-Used is mostly Guns with Unique Bullets (& the Ability to "curve" on-demand,& return TO the weapon) prepare for lots of fatal, & fantastic, action. As with most Assassination-prone groups, The Fraternity has its OWN set of Rules, and..occasionally takes out one of its own.

Especially when there's a Rogue Agent...& less than 5 minutes into this flick, you'll see such an occurrence. In Spades.

THIS sets the entire flick into action. You get to watch Angelina Jolie (Fox) save an unsuspecting James McAvey (Gibson) in a store, as an Assassin's bullets fly. Gibson's told his father was the Good Guy the Bad Guys took out the day-previous, and the Bad Guys are back to finish off the Family Line...(Because Gibson has Unique Powers he needs to develop, so he can join The Fraternity, now that there's a "Vacancy".)

So get ready for a Very Exciting "Transformation" as Gibson goes from Browbeaten, Dad left me at birth Wimpy Dead-End Office Job Underdog...with a Girlfriend quietly cheating behind his back with Office Best the lean mean Killing Machine he's genetically equipped-for...& some Serious Avenging.

I found this BIG-Grossing Flick ($55.1 Mil. US and $33 Mil. overseas last weekend) to be vivid & exciting throughout, though there are Plotline Holes big enough to drive an 18-wheeler through. The "Matrix"-like Slo-Mo Special Effects ARE "Totally-Awesome", BUT after a while the Body-Count just seemed endless..& almost, to summarize, "Overkill".

In the credits it mentioned it was "based on a comic book", and, like a good comic book, for-a-while it's intriguing, & entertaining, ya leave the theater, you end up wishing for a little more TO it. (Even Jolie's much-hyped Nude Scene was only 2/3 "there".) Alas, it all rates a "7 1/2-Outta-10".


Big Hugs,