1. Pound for pound, word for word, the most $$ bang for your buck!!!

The old model of Songwriting used to deliver this, and would still win, IFFFF, the music industry & illegal downloads & other stuff hadn't changed it so much recently. It's still a wonderful dream, & I'm not opposed to scribbling down a song if one happens to float by, but as far as Marketing goes, I only have so much energy. So it's Film for me for now.

2. Novels are too time-consuming, and you also have to fill in a lot of details & transitional stuff...Which is okay if you're up for it...Been there, done that with only carpal tunnel to show for my efforts.

3. Playwriting is as easy as Screenwriting...To write a transitional scene, it's simply "Lights Down/Lights Up the next day....But there's practically NO money in it...I lived in Chicago during it's Off-Loop Theatre hayday in the mid-80's. Had a coupla stage readings, and I must say that it was a real hoot to see and hear 'my' words coming out of other actor's mouths.
If you can keep the play simple, the sets limited & the production costs down, you might be able to find a small, local theater willing to give it a go, and I would encourage that...But dreams of Broadway? <sigh>...The other main problem with Stageplays, is that everyone involved in live theater is a night person...If you live in a major city, your 'networking' day will start around 8:00 pm. & most 'pitching' takes place in bars after rehearsal & shows....Tough gig if you have a day job & family to raise.

4. You can let your imagination run wild!!!!...Keeping in mind of course, that it will be easier to attract interest with a 'Small' budget film(Under 5 Mil to produce) than a 'Big budget(5 Mi & the sky)...The MOST IMPORTANT THANG, is to write a damn good, irresistible script...Or concentrate on schlock horror, seriously!!! Lotsa decent $ to be made with the cheapies.

5.....I heard an interview with Springsteen once, and they asked him, since many of his songs were so 'visual', if he'd ever thought about turning one into a movie...His response was that he'd already said everything in each song that he'd needed to say....And I'd say, that if you can do the same with an idea, then stick with songwriting....But sometimes, a story just can't be contained. Sometimes, one simple 'idea' can take on a life of its own....They made a blockbuster HIT out of a ride at Disneyland for pete's sake!

6. It's fun!...So far....More on the $$ in a Post to follow. Oh, and I also think we should compile on a companion piece to the songwriter's resource Thread for screenwriting. There's a lot of good information available out there.


Satchel was right. Something is gaining on me.

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