The only thing more Exciting than a Beautiful Blond is a Beautiful Blond who can ACT! This Movie has TWO of 'em! Both REAL easy-on-the-eyes, & each the Antithesis of "The Dumb Blond Joke"!

When you hear the title "27 Dresses", you Guys out there immediately think "Chick Flick"..(& true, you WILL see some wild Fashions and Weddings in this Romantic Comedy.) prepared to LIKE this Movie!

Reason #1 would be Blond #1, Katharine Heigl! Emmy Winner for her "Gray's Anatomy" TV Role, & up for a Golden Globe this year. Did a great job in 2007's "Knocked Up", & you'll love her in this one as "Jane"..full-time Admin Assistant, in-love with her bachelor-boss. Jane moonlights as a Wedding Consultant/Bridesmaid stand-in. SO good-at-it, (& Loves the Work) she sometimes alternates (Hilariously!) between 2 weddings on the Same Night, & her Appointment Book's swelling with Future Weddings to Co-Ordinate. Her smallish NYC Apartment has all "27 Dresses" from Brides-Maiding..from Country-to-Kimono-clad Weddings..all crammed into one Too-Small Closet. All are Souvenirs of a Side-Job, Well-Done.

Jane's planned weddings right down-to-the-last-detail for everyone BUT herself. HOPING...Someday..her boss'll maybe..Hopefully MAYBE..see her as Something MORE than just his Miss Super-Efficient Helper.

MEANWHILE..She gets knocked-asunder (trying to catch a tossed bridal bouquet) & gets revived by a mock-doc (played handsomely by James Marsden) who's really an up-&-coming Local Newspaper's Wedding Reporter. Sparks Fly (In Different Directions): He's got a crush on her/She's averse to him, preferring her unrequiting boss.

Enter Amazing Blond #2, (Ben Stiller's Main-Squeeze in "Heartbreak Kid"): Malin Ackerman as Jane's Kid-Sister. Sis is what every Hot HS Cheerleader grows-up-into, (YOWZA!), & returns home (where Dad runs a Hardware Store) after the International Boyfriends Run Out. Sis missed the NYC Excitement, & she'd like a New Man in her life..& Cheap Rent. (The New Man turns out to be Jane's Bachelor Boss!) He eventually proposes..leaving Jane to sigh & say "Yes..I'll help with the Arrangements."..(while Sis turns into "Bridezilla".)

There are subplots & sight gags GALORE, but in the end, everyone "gets theirs"..heh-heh! You COULD bring the kids to this PG-13-er, but there ARE a Lotta Weddings/Dunno if it'll interest 'em all-that-much. (There IS one "(M)-F-Bomb" Grownups'll laugh their sox off at, I promise ya!) I NEVER expected to enjoy a Chick-Flick SO Much, so Guys, this IS the Perfect Movie to take your gal out to, after ya grossed her out a wee-bit with "Sweeney Todd!" I'd rate this Movie a "7, Maybe 8..Outta-10"

A Third Brilliant-Blond, Anne Fletcher, Directs...Clever Writing by "Devil Wears Prada's" Aline Bush McKenna, & "Hats Off!" to the entire Cast &
Crew! (You'll never THINK of "Bennie & The Jets" quite the SAME after this movie)..AND it has the Best Durn-Tootin' Credit Roll..(1st Half, Anyway)..I've seen in-AGES!

This is NOT just a "Chick-Flick"..It's a HIT-Flck!

JMO...(Keep or Sweepit!)

Big Hugs,

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