Let's start off by giving this an "8-Outta-10".
Let's tell you it's a LONG MOVIE (2 Hours) and is MOSTLY in a Foreign Language (Farsi?) with TONS of English Subtitles.

Now, let me start PRAISING this Excellent Bit of Moviemaking, because Jaded-Ol'-Me not only WAS Thoroughly-Entertained, it ALSO served-up a lot of NEW Things to THINK About.

Things like "What DOES 'Family Honor' mean in Times Like These?"
"ARE you Your Brother's Keeper?" "What DO you owe Your Parentage?" (AND, it also reminded me, through some FABULOUS Photography, how much FUN..& Meaningful..Kite-Flying can BE!)

Director Mark Forster's taken a novel by Kaled Husseini & populated it with Fine Acting, filmed (I think) mostly in China to resemble the Mountainous Afghanistan territory much of it takes place in. It Starts and Ends in California, in more Modern Times, as Amir (Khalid Abdulla) & Baba, his father (Homayoun Ershadi) adapt to life as Expatriates. {Mild Spoiler-Alert:}

Then, via flashbacks, you're taken to Pre-Soviet-Occupied Afghanistan, where Baba was a thriving Businessman, with a shy young son, Amir (Zekeria Ebrahimi) who's survived his mother's death in childbirth. Baba has a faithful servant, 40 years duration, with a young son, Hassan (Ahmad Khan Mahmdzada) who're both from an Ethnic Underclass. Young Amir survives taunts from the neighborhood bullies with the help of Hassan & his trusty slingshot. Yet, the taunts find their mark; Amir engineers a Betrayal, & faithful Hassan & his Father quit their employ in a cloud of shame.

Earlier-on, a Local Businessman (Mir Mohmood Shor Hashimi) examines stories Amin has written & encourages him to continue writing (Against Dad's Better Wishes), & it becomes somewhat apparent he's the author of this movie, AND a person in-process of righting his wrongs to Hassan, when it becomes especially-clear HOW wrong he was, through a clever Plot-Twist.

An Older-&-Wiser Amir leaves behind the Safety of America (& a new wife Saraya, well-played by Atassa Leoni) to visit Pakistan & the now-dying Businessman who helped launch his writing career...THEN plunges back into Afghanistan, fake beard & all, to brave the Taliban (who've banned kites) & rescue the Honor he needs to be forgiven.

It's Beautiful, It's often Breath-Taking, and It's Special. (I'd leave Under-10 kids at home.) Hope you get to see it!

JMO...(Keep or Sweepit!)
Big Hugs,