Waal, La Femme & I were at the Local AMC last night, stomaches Fresh-Fulla Chinese Buffet, our Typical Dinner-&-A-Movie Saturday Nite. And The Choices WERE: "Beowulf" or "AWAKE"? (I personally wanted to catch the "B-" flick, but got Out-Voted, heh!)

So, Herewegooo... Writer-Director Joby Harold pretty-well coversthe Entire Plotline with the movie's TAG-Line: "Every year, one in 700 people wakes up during surgery. When they planned her husband's murder they never thought he'd be the one".

It's an under-2-Hours Exploration of "Anesthetic Awareness", in which a patient's totally-paralyzed but VERY Aware of all the goings-on in the Surgery Room. Add-in some "out-of-body" experiences, & some DANDY "Twists" & you wind-up with what I'd call an Entertaining Night at The Flicks.

Lead Actor Hayden Christensen plays Clay Beresford, freshly-married guy who's getting the heart transplant. The Ever-Gorgeous Jessica Alba stretches beyond her "Will my new hubby ever survive" role rather-well, and Lena Olin excells in her role as a doubt & grief-stricken Mom. Torrence Howard's a good choice for the nefarious Dr. Jack Harper, too!

It's not as-good a psych-thriller as Hitchcock's "Psycho"..& it's far-less-sanguine than any "Saw" you might wish to see. But it IS a good-enough "Scare Flick" to rate a "6 1/2-outta-10" Rating, & sure beats a night of TV. I, for one, am continually amazed how-sensual Alba looks in Closeups, & how ordinary and "Girl-Next-Door" she appears in Long-Shot. Here she proves "She can Act." Christensen's as good a choice for "Victim" as it gets, & he's quite a sympathetic character, as-played.

It's all well-done, & a Good Scare was had by All. (Now we gotta see Beowulf, to see if I win a Bet I Made with La Femme..heh!)

Big Hugs,

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