Hi--I'm cross-posting this a few places. Hope nobody minds. smile I've been away from the boards a while and wanted to make sure my buddies all see this, that's all!

I've been in rehearsals for weeks and weeks--my part is just a choir/ensemble role, with three of my children, but my husband plays Mary's father, so he has some lines--and opening night is TOMORROW. Tonight's full dress rehearsal went really great. But, yeah, it's kept me off JPF more or less, that's for sure!

And now, I'm so excited to report this!
We're having our production, "Savior of the World: His Birth" professionally videotaped at the Saturday matinee show. The really good news is, the DVD of the production will be available AT COST to anyone who'd like a copy. That's just $10. I estimate it'll take me about $2.50 in shipping costs to mail them via media mail (including the envelope).

This is really the coolest Nativity story script I have ever seen or read... I'm honored just to be a part of it. It's all original music, and we have an absolutely terrific director and production team, who pulled off some incredible stuff with a pretty small overall budget and an amateur volunteer cast of about 100 people. The actors playing Mary and Joseph are actually married in real life and have a great chemistry together, plus plenty of theater experience.

Anyway, I wanted to let you folks know about this DVD opportunity. Initial order deadline is SATURDAY DEC 1st but Steve (my husband--he's in charge of handling the details) can take orders after this. Again, there is no profit being made on this whatsoever; it's mainly being offered as a service to the cast and crew and their families.
Email me privately at alyssabooks AT sprintmail DOT com if you're interested in getting a copy.

If there's a way to put clips up on YouTube when I get them (legally), I'll be glad to upload them. It may depend on the contract with the videographer too. There will be still shots and candid rehearsal photos available on the photographer's website soon, who donated her professional time to take the photos. I can get that link up soon if anyone is interested.

At any rate, it's a chance to see me actually moving and singing on video, right? A glimpse or two, anyway! smile I'm excited to actually be able to SEE the whole production... when you're in it--you miss some good scenes that are going on while you're doing a costume change and all that.

Just wanted to share my excitement!
Wish us all luck tomorrow night!!


PS: If you're local to Seattle and would like to come, here is the show information:

Savior of the World: A Sacred Musical Production
FRIDAY, Nov. 30, 7:30 pm
SATURDAY, Dec. 1, 2 pm and 7:30 pm
Auburn LDS Stake Center
1820 F Street
Auburn, WA
Seating: approx 450 per show
Admission is FREE; donations to the Auburn Food Bank greatly appreciated