You might think a re-Enactment of 16th and 17th Century English History would be "Dull-Viewing", since it's set in Such-Ancient-Times.

But, those were Pretty-EXCITING Days, as "Elizabeth, The Golden Age" crisply-unfolds those dusty pages of Days-Gone-By.

With the Discovery of The New World, came potatoes and tobacco..and a BIG rise in Spain's ability to influence World Events. There was considerable political & religious struggle in England, where the Church of England vs The Roman Catholic Church had a 50-50 Split among the populace. Meanwhile, the Catholic Spanish quietly built up an Armada to invade England & install then-imprisoned Mary, (Catholic) Queen of Scots, in place of Elizabeth, unmarried-Head of England's Church and State.

Elizabeth.."The Virgin Queen" brilliantly-played by Cate Blanchett. Clive Owen, as Sir Walter Raleigh, figures well as her Love-Interest, Swashbuckling Pirate-Adventurer, Founder of Virginia (Named-so In Her Honor), & Wartime Benefactor-Confidant.

The Plot smoothly-unfolds in elegant castle & countryside settings, with quite-realistic naval battles, old ships, antiques & armor galore. The costumes are exquisite, the sunsets and gardens, longshots-&-closeups, dialogue & music will ALL beautifully-propel you into one of the more Epic-Struggles that thoroughly-reshaped European Politics..and eventually Our World Today.

"KUDOS" for All-Involved for proving History needn't be Dull-Viewing, and our ancestors were all Very-Human & Very- Interesting, indeed. "9-out-of-10", only because some folks WON'T appreciate Good History no matter how-well it's done. that Previous Paragraph..& if it sounds like it's Worth An Enjoyable Evening for you, Go See It!

JMO..Keep-or-Sweep it!

Big Hugs,

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