Well, Wife & I saw "THE KINGDOM", with Jamie Foxx & Jennifer Garner, last night..about a Week Later Than-Planned. I prefer seeing Previews, since I've now already-read A Review that gave this a Middlin'-Grade and complained it "Ran too long."

I'll start off by disagreeing with that Critic, I'd give it a 7 out of 10 on the Bo Derek "Viewability" Scale, and state it's a Very GOOD "Action Movie"..It's certainly set in a Country where there's LOTS of Action, from time-to-time! (Get ready for some!)

Jamie Foxx does a good job of portraying a frustrated-but-successful FBI Agent who overcomes bureaucratic, diplomatic, and ethnic/cultural difficulties on his way to Riydah, Saudi Arabia..finding the Source of a terrorist attack on a Western Military Housing Compound.

Get there EARLY to see The Start, because Producer Michael Mann (Remember "Miami Vice"?) opens up with a crisp, Graphic Year-By-Year History Lesson on how the Saudis & their Oil, made the Royal Family there "Our Best-of-Friends".

You'll soon see how the NON-Royals there AREN'T necessarily our Best of Friends..& how the Saudi Police have to "Choose Sides" where THEIR loyalties lie..and how Saudi Arabia (just like the US) has places you can go Without a Flack Jacket, and Places where You'd-Better-Not. (Only THERE, they have Grenades and RPG's.)

The FBI Crew that tags along with Agent Fleury (Foxx) all have a 5-day "window" before they're expected to return. (Even our Diplomat there wants them out before their presence sparks MORE Anti-US Incidents.)

Jennifer Garner's GOOD portraying a Discriminated-Against GAL FBI Agent. She's compassionate with Local Kids, yet Tough-as-Nails when the Hand-to-Hand Combat Scene arrives. She shines all through this mostly-macho flick, & you'll hear many a Male Voice in the audience holler "You GO Girl" phrases when she kicks some Infidel Butt!

Think it's Jason Bateman plays The Bomb Expert from Down South. He's a fine Character Actor, very-likeable as a Team Member, hope he gets some Even Bigger Roles, soon!

The Saudi Police Captain (Missed his name, Rats!) weaves this tale together AND makes you appreciate the Sacrifices the Locals go through trying to keep the peace, where it's very HARD to tell Good Guys from Baddies..& even-Harder while Babysitting 5 FBI Agents.

By the Last Reel, there's MORE than enough Hate-&-Violence to go around. Some GREAT Last-Minute-Irony, and you'll get an overall Visually- (& Viscerally)- Exciting Movie. Tho as it all sinks-in, it's a bit depressing, you'll be Well-Entertained, and The History Lesson's a good one. I'd say "Mission Accomplished".

JMO (Keep-or-Sweep)

Big Hugs,