Just thought I would share some movie previews that I am excited to see. Plus I have an ID question of a soundtrack used in one of the previews.

Sunshine: This is the movie I had the Sound track question about and the music I like it a lot plus kind of need it but can't identify it, it is toward the end of the preview. So I would really like it if someone can name that song.
Sunshine Movie trailer

Iron man: Yes another Marvel movie but hey it looks pretty well done so far and they picked the best sound track for the movie.
Iron man Trailer

Sicko: While usually I don't watch such movies this does grab my interest.

Beowulf: This is another movie that I really want to see just because I am a sucker for mythology and so far it looks pretty promising to the stories of Beowulf.

Beowulf Trailer
I Am Legend: This is another good movie I want to watch and has a modified version of the song I can't identify in it. Any one got a clue?
I Am Legend Trailer

01-18-08: This movie really intrigues me as I it doesn't give away a whole lot. It does seem like it is a monster movie but the only thing that has been confirmed is that it is not a Godzilla movie. Some suggest it would be a Cthulhu movie, however I doubt that but it would be really cool if it was. grin

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