Hi Folks,

We're going to be using our new tiny Hi Def camera on the Euro tour since the big Hi 8 cam we usually use on tours is just too big to haul around with us. The sound may be a little lacking on this little one, but the video itself is awesome in our tests so far. I want to take at least a few minutes of footage everywhere we go and a few minutes with all the folks we meet as a little trip video diary. We won't have time to upload stuff from the road (Though I wish I'd prepared for that and been ready to do it.. but alas, we leave in 2.5 days). I am thinking of doing mini-travel episodes that I can play with when I get back for a pilot TV show idea I have. There's a zillion travel shows, but none focus on music and none are from a Just Plain Folks point of view. = )

Anyone out there know much about getting hi def video into a viewable format for YouTube or our website? I had a clip of Chris Young and another of Janis Ian from our Bluebird show but when I uploaded them, they were so big that even with cable speed it wouldn't play.


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