Armed with a pair of Freebie Tickets courtesy of the Tampa Tribune, La Femme & I took in Tommy Lee Jones & Charlize Theron's Latest Flick.

Jones well-portrays a Retired Army Higher-Up MP..Theron is Great as a Local Cop..both trying to find the Whereabouts of Jone's Missing Son, Mike.

Mike's just-returned from a Tour of Army Infantry Duty in Iraq. Is about to be considered AWOL..& Tommy Lee's out to save The Family Honor & find his son. The Flick kinda Drags a bit, first 1/3, while Susan Sarandon does a great (Perhaps Too-Brief) Grieving Mom role.. (Allus fascinated me how Gals can Cry-on-Cue, & Sarandon's INcredible, to say the least, here.)

The Plot gets Faster-Paced, More-Interesting when Lee's son is found Murdered...on property that's both The City's and Borderline-with The Military's. That's where Theron's Gal-Detective Role takes off...she's Endearing, yet-Tough, as a Military Cover-up unfolds.

There's one excellent chase scene..with shall we say has "Ethnic Overtones", which ends up Delightfully-Resolved, at movie's end.

The whole thrust of this Wonderfully-Sad Flick is "What has Iraq Done to Our Soldiers Over There?" Well-Filmed & Written & Acted...(Applause kinda drowned out the Pretty-Good Closing Song..dunno Who to Credit, alas!) 6 1/2 out of "Scale of 10"... See it if ya like TLJ or Charlize..or have an interest in How Things Go for our Soldiers Overseas, Nowadaze. (Enough Topless Bar Scenes, Tho, I'd leave the Kiddies at home.)

Wars are always Hell...but with that in-mind, it was an Entertaining Evening, & the 3 Stars-Mentioned Delivered-Well. You'll feel Saddened when ya leave, but it's a Good-Kinda Sad.

JMO, Natch...Keep or Sweep it!

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