Well just a short while ago I saw Balls of Fury which I treated my Dad to because of his Birthday. First off we miss the first 10 to 15 minutes of the movie because we ended up in the wrong theater and our eye were violated by the sight of MR. Bean. Anyways back to Balls of Fury, the movie starts off with a very slow build up of trying to create some kind of back story for motivation for the protagonists of the movie and was a bit awkward in execution. The movie does speed up and it starts to get real funny. I found the acting as usual by Christopher Walken to be excellent and hilarious. The basic premise of the movie is the combinations of the plot from Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon and Ping Pong Tournament. You also see Bruce Lee's son as one of the minor characters in the story and you don't realize it is him right away because of his long hair for the part. Over all it is enjoyable movie.

"There are no such things as coincidence or chance, everything happens for a reason, though we may not know why at the time it happens."

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