{La Femme & I took in the Very Well-Hyped "BRAVE ONE" Last Evening.

WAS expecting it to be Mostly a Feminine-Version of the Already Long-Ago-Successful Charles Bronson "Urban Vigilante" Flicks of Decades-Past...&, mostly, it was.

But, that's NOT to say You Won't Enjoy It. It's well-filmed, keeps you Entertained-&-Interested all the way through, you'll YAYYY when the Baddies Get Theirs (Often-enough, throughout). There's even a nice little VERY Un-expected Plot Twist at the end that makes this into a Love Story..of sorts.

I'd give it a 7-outta-10 on the Bo-Derek Scale for View-worthiness. Prolly skip buying Popcorn...the theater is VERY QUIET through alla this Instant Justice-Rendered-Away..& you can better hear the 70% of the Audience APPLAUDING-Away at the movies' end. (Prepare to feel a bit Guilty for Doing-So..heh-heh!)

There's a Perfectly-Chosen Sarah McClaine Blues Song as the Credit Rolls which All-Will-Enjoy, even if I can't spell her Name Properly, I am sure. (I may have TOTALLY Blown her name in-fact.
But it's certainly Well-Chosen!)

Foster & Co-Stars (Even the THUGS!) all do Fine Acting Jobs.. She's NOT "Pretty" in this Role..but does do a Beautiful Job portraying "A Recovering Victim" throughout the Flick.

All JMO..(Keep-or-Sweep it,)
Big Hugs,

PS: It's Sarah MC LAUGHLIN...(I never was..or ever WILL BE.."Good At Remembering Names." Alas!) Sorry, Mz McL!

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