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#506379 - 05/24/07 02:24 PM I'm Easy Gone  
Joined: Nov 2002
Posts: 216
thinkhaus Offline
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thinkhaus  Offline
Serious Contributor

Joined: Nov 2002
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Cincinnati, OH, USA
Think moderately steady rhythm, maybe a little to the swing side, but not too much. Probably closest to J Buffett. Still in rough draft form. I'll try to record something this weekend and post early next week to help with critiques.

Thanks in advance.


Babe, the weatherman says
That it's gonna be hot on the coast.
And you've been working your fingers
Down to the bone.

Whatd'ya say, we just pack light
And cruise on down to the Gulf tonight
And wake up to the sun and the waves
And a brand new day? (with just...)

You and me
Hitting the beach.
Shaking off the troubles
We've collected all week.
Reconnecting two hearts
As the day goes on.
You look good
And I feel fine.
Break out the lotion
And a bottle of wine
Easy come,
Easy go,
I'm easy gone.

Babe, they're saying
It's gonna be raining
At home for the week.
I'm thinking
We ought to be drinking in style.

Flip flops, tank tops
Some ice cold pop tops
We should be where the fun doesn't stop
For a day, for a week, for while. (with just...)


Think, if you will, of the golden sunrise
The breeze over the bay
Now just imagine no clouds in that blue sky
As we chill away for a long, slow day.


2007 Kelly Smith

#521851 - 07/13/07 05:15 PM Re: I'm Easy Gone [Re: thinkhaus]  
Joined: Jan 2005
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Kennan Zishka Offline
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Kennan Zishka  Offline
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Joined: Jan 2005
Posts: 356

one suggestion if you change the lst line of the chorus to "So easy gone" then it includes the both people in the song.

one other one "Losing the troubles" instead of "shaking off the troubles".


#522082 - 07/14/07 07:38 AM Re: I'm Easy Gone [Re: thinkhaus]  
Joined: May 2003
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duffycat Offline
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duffycat  Offline
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Joined: May 2003
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Portland, OR. USA
Nicely done Kelly,

I think your JB comparison is an apt one....It's a neat demo, and other than those minor lyric tweaks suggested in the previous pst, I wouldn't change anything. Nicely done. Good luck with your song.


#522134 - 07/14/07 01:06 PM Re: I'm Easy Gone [Re: duffycat]  
Joined: Apr 2001
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Wyman Lloyd Offline
Wyman Lloyd  Offline

Top 30 Poster

Joined: Apr 2001
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Looks pretty good Kelly,
I first thought the rhyming was a bit uneven but I can see where the singer could probably make it sound all right "I'm Easy Gone" is a good title. Maybe could even drop "I'm".
Good write

#533553 - 08/19/07 05:43 AM Re: I'm Easy Gone [Re: Wyman Lloyd]  
Joined: Aug 2007
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PogoDog Offline
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PogoDog  Offline
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Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 66

I'm in agreement with Wy and Zanna that the "I'm easy gone" line is a bit of a snag. But the demo pulls it off and that's half the battle won.


#533889 - 08/20/07 02:51 PM Re: I'm Easy Gone [Re: PogoDog]  
Joined: Dec 2006
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Gary E. Andrews Offline
Gary E. Andrews  Offline

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Joined: Dec 2006
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Portsmouth, Ohio, USA
Radio should love this one at 3:34. Real summer season appeal. Easy to hear, singing along by the 2nd chorus, good hook factor.

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you? www.garyeandrews.com
#533960 - 08/20/07 06:56 PM Re: I'm Easy Gone [Re: Gary E. Andrews]  
Joined: Oct 2004
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Nathan Baker Offline
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Nathan Baker  Offline
Serious Contributor

Joined: Oct 2004
Posts: 356

Nicely done, I love the song.

Gets me tapping my toes and looking for my lawn chair and a cold beer at the same time.

A very relaxing sound.



#534459 - 08/21/07 10:22 PM Re: I'm Easy Gone [Re: Nathan Baker]  
Joined: Aug 2007
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Janice Hopkins Offline
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Janice Hopkins  Offline
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Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 4,697
Nice job Kelly,

Can't say anything to help. I like the sound of it. Maybe could be just a slight bit more uptempo but other than that it sounds like a good one for Mr. Kenny Chesney. My son knows him, but I don't so don't really have an "in" for you there. It's a nice one though. Felt myself right at the scene.


Janice Hopkins

#539460 - 09/07/07 04:33 AM Re: I'm Easy Gone [Re: Janice Hopkins]  
Joined: Sep 2007
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wc1428 Offline
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wc1428  Offline
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Joined: Sep 2007
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sorry got dile up,did not listen to demo,just looking at lyrics,,i like the second half of each verse,,first half of first verse,,is a little vague,,also the first half of second verse,,is still talking about the weather at home,,,
i like the title you and me for the song,with the direction you're going,,anyway i scribbled a chorus down,,
you and me hand in hand
you and me toes in the sand
then you look at me like you did the night
we first made love by the candle light
the whole world melted away
and all we could see was you and me

seem like you and me is the central theme of your song.
just my thoughts,,this one is worth working on.

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