Hi all, this Monday, March 19th, is our monthly songwriting meeting, (check out pictures from previous meetings at our myspace site, www.myspace.com/justplainfolksoc .)

Kip Corley will be running the meeting and managing the P.A., since Linda is on vacation (in Colorado presently).

Here is Kip's agenda

Keeping it simple, please think about the following to share at the meeting:

"What are you looking to do with your Songwriting?" Do you want to get your songs to Publishers / Artists so they can record them? Do you want to get them to "local" bands so your songs can be heard around town? Are you going to perform them yourself as a solo or in a band? Do you want to take your personal craft to the next level? Do you just want to perform your songs whenever you get the chance and don't want / need feedback from others? etc. No "Right" or "Wrong" answers, just a defination of what you want / need from J P Folks so we can all focus on it and you can get the best out of our amazing little group.

Song critiques afterwards for those who want them and bring approx. 20 copies of your lyric sheets.

Here is the info: Please RSVP if you can by replying to this message.

Time: 7:00 to 9 ish
Place: Nata'le Coffee
2801 W. MacArthur Blvd., Santa Ana
Phone: 714-668-9094 (It's at the corner of Fairview and MacArthur in the
complex where the "Ralphs" is. If you take the 405 freeway, exit north on
Fairview, pass Sunflower, MacArthur is the next major street).


Kip and I are in the process of organizing a showcase for April or May. We are looking to get lots of you out for a huge networking event, (similar to the Road Trip style showcases Brian Austin-Whitney does). Alan O'Day, Jimi Yamagishi (songnet) and other JPF mentors plan on coming. We are trying to get a count of who is interested. It's important in our venue planning, so please let us know by responding to this post if you are interested in coming out for a networking showcase. Also, we are approaching Orange County venues now, so if you want to suggest a good one (with space and a good sound system), please let us know, (maybe you know the owner or contact too).

Take Care,

Kip Corley and Linda Kraemer